The Hottest Toy of the Year

If you do a Google search for the "hottest toy of 2012", you will pull up items including: Furbies, Air Hog R/C Heli Replay, LEGO Friends, Monster High dolls, Nintendo Wii U.

But the hottest toy of the year, according to the Ballard Family, is Talking Tom:

And I guess I should include his sidekick, Talking Ben: 

I've had a lot of things going on, and I really didn't plan on doing becoming a toy distributor, but. . .  

Hi, my name is Emily and I'm an eBay-aholic. 

Two weeks ago, I went to ShopKo with the kids. We didn't find what we were looking for, but we did find this great Talking Tom toy. I thought Kaleigh would love it for her birthday. . . since she has spent the last two years yelling back and forth at him via the iPhone app

A couple days later, I looked it up online and couldn't find it anywhere. Not on amazon, not on eBay, nowhere. So I decided to post it on eBay. For twice as much as I paid for it at ShopKo. It sold right away, so I went back and bought more. And more. And more. 

For the last ten days, I've been selling Talking Toms and Talking Bens on eBay (both the Speaking version and the more expensive Talk Back version). Rachel became a big fan of the cha-ching noise that my phone makes every time one of my auction items sells on eBay. Going to ShopKo turned into a fun activity for the kids. 

The Speaking animals only cost seven bucks. I listed most of them with a Buy it Now option for twenty bucks. But one of them sold in an auction for thirty-five dollars. Plus another ten bucks shipping. Crazy.

In ten days, I sold twenty-five animals for a grand total of $745. Plus an additional $265 in shipping fees. I had to pay eBay $91 in final value fees. I spent $143 in shipping. And I paid $305 for the animals from ShopKo. Which means I made a profit of $471. 

Not bad. 


Karen said...

That is amazing. I don't know how you always find things like this.

Rebecca said...

Nice work thrifty woman.

Rebecca said...

Nice work thrifty woman.