Weekend Update

X   Finish and order MyPublisher book for Kaleigh's birthday
X   Drive Adam and Kaleigh to Grandma Gloria's house
X   Go visiting teaching
X   Pick up Adam and Kaleigh
X   Pick up kids from school
X   Get nauseous/dizzy/sick and take three-hour nap
X   Go to Indie Ogden Best of Ogden Awards at the Union Station for Junior League
X   Take Rachel and Lucy to Nativity practice at the church
X   Go to Sam's Club to buy a shopping cart full of plates, cups, napkins, utensils
X   And 9 big boxes of Klondike bars
X   Buy white turtleneck to go with Steve's tacky Christmas sweater
X   Go to Claire's to buy the last of the kids' prizes for Sonora Grill Christmas party
X   Go to five different stores all across town and look for tacky Christmas sweater for me
X   Talk JCPenney employee into selling me the tacky Christmas sweater she is wearing
X   Serve food to 150 people at ward Christmas dinner
X   Return warming trays to Sonora Grill
X   Pull out of parking stall and back into a car
X   Exchange insurance information since I made a big dent
X   Convince kids that they need to be quieter and less distracting when I'm driving (car was actually just in my blind spot)
X   One last errand to ShopKo
X   Order Christmas gifts
X   Change and wash Adam's bedding for the third time in five days
X   Move Lucy out of her bedroom and into Kaleigh's bedroom
X   Go to church
X   And a long meeting
X   Finally get set apart for new calling as YW Secretary
X   Prepare games for Sonora Grill Christmas Party
X   Go to Sonora Grill Christmas Party at Foley's Gym
X   Eat BBQ pork, baked beans, sweet potato fries, mac & cheese and tres leches cake
X   Until my stomach hurts
      Write on blog about New York City trip
      Finish YW calendars, meeting minutes, etc.
      Take family picture for Christmas card (at least we got a fun shot of me and Steve)
X   Sleep in
X   Steve decides to take the girls skiing instead of going to school late

. . . . . .

I'll try to finish my list tomorrow.
And avoid any unfortunate extras. . . like another car accident.

P.S. If I were Photoshop-litterate, I would add those reindeer antlers to Steve's head at the top of my blog. I'm not sure that it's possible for Steve to like my blog header any less, so I think it would have to be an improvement.


Rebecca said...

That is HILARIOUS that you bought your sweater right off of the JCPenney employee!!! You did good, it is AWESOME!!!

Rebecca said...

I just sent you an updated header...today is your blog headers 2nd birthday! I DID tell Steve I would do a re-design of the header for his birthday and he told me he had all these great ideas, but he never got back to me so it's his own darn fault! :)

Mindy said...

I love that you talked some poor idiot into buying the sweater they were wearing. At work! You get more done in a weekend then I do in a month. Slow down lady :)

Mindy said...

I just read Rebecca's comments. LOVE the new header.

Rebecca said...

Sorry to be rude to Mindy, but I think that's pretty harsh to call that person a poor idiot.