Adam is Still Funny

"All I want for Christmas is to stop coughing. Never mind, I think I'd rather have a new toy."

"Can you please pass the goose-goose?" (He was talking about the couscous.)

"Can I have more skabetti?" (We have worked on this pronunciation a lot, but he still can't get it right.)

And this might be way too much information, but it's still funny. I was helping Adam in the bathroom (because he has some issues with wiping). As he is still bent over on the toilet seat, he asks in his commander voice "Have you secured the area?"

We were watching PrimeTime Rockin Eve, and the Gagnam Style singer came out on camera. Adam exclaims, "Hey, I saw that guy at Costco!"

Me: Adam, quit picking your nose.
Adam: Well, I don't have anything else to do.

. . . .

Rachel says rude things to Lucy, but sometimes they really are funny and we can't help but laugh. Rachel has convinced Lucy that nobody is ever going to marry her, and that Lucy is going to end up being a crazy cat lady. We walked by a display of these kitty cat jungle gyms at Costco a week or two ago and Lucy told me she might as well buy a few, since she's going to need them sooner or later.

Rachel announced that she is a vegetarian again. Well, except for bacon.

And after I got my hair colored the other day (for my very first time!), Rachel asked in her most dramatic voice, "So now that you are into hair dying and stuff, can I puh-lease get my hair dyed. Because I've been waiting for this since the day I was born."

. . . .

Steve makes me laugh too.

On Christmas Eve, he needed a refresher on cursive letters before he could write some of the gift tags. "I think it's been twelve years since I've written in cursive." The funny part is that he was completely serious.

A few days ago, we were playing the Operation game we got for Christmas. "Too bad it doesn't really shock you. That would be way cooler."


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