Rachel's Just Dance Party

After eleven months of planning on having her birthday party at Crystal Hot Springs, Rachel changed her mind and decided to have a Just Dance Party: 

I wouldn't have ever considered Rachel as much of a dancer, but it turns out that Rachel is competitive. She has gotten really good at the Just Dance Wii game, so she decided to have a dance party. (Her list of friends to invite was way too long for a swim party anyway.) I read this blogpost and started to think it was a great idea, especially when Steve said we could hold the party in the banquet room at Sonora Grill. 

This afternoon, we hosted a birthday party for nineteen girls. And Justin Beiber.

Last night, when we went to Zurcher's to get some party supplies, I was planning on buying a pinata. But when I saw that the cardboard cutouts were only $20, I let Rachel choose. And Justin Beiber won.

The girls took turns dancing:

 And some of them lined up to have their picture taken with Justin Beiber:

Here's Gracie, Graisey, and Grayce: 

Layla and Gretchen do not like Justin Beiber, but they were still willing to pose for me: 

Wynnie was super hesitant. I really had to persuade her to pose for a picture with the Beibs. 

But then she warmed up to him rather quickly: 

The girls has lots of fun dancing with Justin: 

Probably because he's such a good dancer: 

But then again, so is Ellie: 

She was also a very diligent colorer: 

Is it strange that I have more pictures of her than the birthday girl? 

Steve also caught some great videos of her dancing the robot. 

Which is probably why he failed to notice that his truck was being towed. 

Thank goodness Heidi was there. Since Steve decided he needed to go pick up his truck from the tow lot in the middle of the party. So Heidi helped me serve the cake and ice cream. 

We played a couple of silly games, but mostly, the girls just danced: 

Sophia was a die-hard and never took a break from dancing:

I always look back and wish I had taken more pictures at birthday parties. I can't believe I didn't take more of Rachel. 

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Rachel's birthday, especially Justin Beiber! 

I have a feeling this guy might be sticking around for a while. 

It totally reminds me of the Ricky Martin cardboard cutout that was in my living room when I was a freshman in college. I would wake up to use the restroom in the middle of the night, see a man standing in the corner, and just about have a heart attack.


Gloria said...

So glad I got to check it out! What girl fun!

i'm h.mac said...

a great party! what a memory...truck and all;)

Kristin Wilkerson said...

I wish that I was a good party planner. I am lame. But you look like an awesome party planner :)

Rebecca said...

Love the invite! Where/who designed it? This week Sydney has decided it's time to start planning her birthday party. I helped her spell out the names of her guests and then I told her I was not going to discuss any aspect of her birthday at this early date. Today she was sketching out what she wants her cake to be like! Where do these girls get the party planning bug so young?!