New Year's Day at Snowbasin

Last night Steve had to work. For the twelfth consecutive New Year's Eve since we've been married. (Yep, that's all of them.) 

Instead of partying without him, the kids and I stayed home. We cleaned the house and worked on laundry until 9:00 pm. Then we watched PrimeTime Rockin' Eve on television. (It was lame.) I let the kids spray Silly String when the ball dropped in Times Square at 10:00 pm. (That was a big mistake.) 

The plan was for everyone to go to sleep early, but not everyone followed the plan. (Including me.)

I actually considered staying in bed this morning and bailing on our plans to go skiing this morning. But I would have missed out on the best day of skiing ever. 

This good husband of mine does all of the hard work associated with skiing. (Packing the gear, carrying the gear, helping kids put on the gear, etc.) 

This daughter of mine beat me down the mountain every single time:

This daughter of mine likes to fall down the mountain:

They are so much fun to go skiing with. 

This niece of mine is fun to ski with too: 

 I just wish I could talk them into stopping and posing for more pictures. It was a beautiful day! 

Happy 2013!

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