Stay-at-Home Mom

Woke up at 7:00 am to the sound of dogs barking.
It was actually Rachel's phone in the nightstand drawer next to my bed.
(I confiscated her phone last night at 11:30 pm.)
"Mom! Adam wet the bed!" Lucy yelled.
Removed wet bedding.
Gave Adam a bath.
Started laundry.
Got Adam dressed.
Braided Rachel's hair, put Lucy's up in a sock bun.
Made beds.
Packed two lunches.
Unloaded all of the skis and ski equipment from the back of the Pilot and up in the car box.
Drove kids to school.
Drove to Sam's warehouse in Logan to pick up mattresses.
Lucy called to tell me she forgot her lunch on the kitchen counter.
I realized I forgot the modem I was supposed to take to Comcast.
Stopped by Great Harvest for a loaf of bread.
And a cookie.
Drove back to Ogden.
Made a deposit at Zion's Bank.
Went home.
Folded laundry.
Drove back to school.
Picked up Adam and Madey from kindergarten.
Secretary told me I would need to go talk to Mrs. Hillan because Adam was in trouble.
He has been pouring chocolate milk all over his food for the last couple of days.
So then he can't eat it.
Lucy later defended his actions, "Today's lunch looked like hair balls!"
I apologized to the lunch lady and told her it wouldn't happen again.
As I was walking out of the lunchroom, another mother asks, pointing to Kaleigh, "Is she a foster child?"
Bad question, bad timing.
I sat Adam down and tried to have a serious talk about the chocolate milk.
"I pretended to be a dog and tried to make her happy, but it didn't work this time," he told me with complete sincerity.
I realized I forgot Lucy's lunch in the car.
Adam told me he forgot to bring an animal for his class's stuffed animal party that day.
I sat the three kids on the bench by the front door and made them promise to keep their bums glued to the bench.
I ran out the front door and to my car, as fast as I could.
I nearly ran into the principal.
I got back just in time to see Adam hurrying back to the bench that he was supposed to be glued to.
Left Lucy's lunch with the secretary.
Drove Madey home.
Pulled over and talked to a neighbor who was out shoveling his sidewalk with a square point shovel.
Because of the notes that were left on our doors last night, encouraging us to completely clear the sidewalks for all of the pedestrians in our neighborhood.
Add that to my list of things to do.
Went home.
Made some lunch for Kaleigh.
(It turns out Adam was hungry too.)
Lucy called from the school to ask where her lunch was.
Helped Adam with his Raz-Kids online reading program.
Talked to a friend on the phone about court, lawyers, the importance of stability and routines for children, studies about whether it is actually important for kids to maintain relationships with their troubled parents, and how it doesn't seem fair that bad parents are given so many chances just because they are the biological parent.
Paid parking tickets. Yes, tickets.
Made a few phone calls and sent a bunch of texts for Junior League.
Placed an order for a 20x60 banner for PTA.
And then had to talk to three different people on the phone to confirm, since a 20x60 isn't actually an online option.
Posted mattresses and couch on KSL.
Received an email with the weekly Travelzoo Top 20 offers.
Daydreamed about going on a trip.
Drove Adam to Madey's house.
To make room for the six kids I pick up after school.
Talked to Lucy's teacher about the burn on her neck.
The one that looks like a curling iron burn.
And, in fact, is a burn from the chinstrap of her ski helmet.
Not an injury caused by me pinching her skin when I buckled her helmet back on, as reported by Lucy.
Talked to the Loosli twins' teacher.
They both lost a tooth today. How crazy is that?
Dropped off Sophia.
Picked up Adam.
Dropped off Looslis.
Dropped off Steve's work clothes at Your Valet.
Thank goodness I don't have to iron anymore.
Sent Rachel and Lucy into Thomas Hardy Salon to pick up the makeup I ordered.
Went to Subway.
Because a small bag of multigrain chips with one tablespoon of hummus and one tablespoon of cookie butter isn't enough food to be classified as lunch.
But it does lead to an interesting conversation about cookie butter when the lunchroom monitor asks what you had for lunch based on the fact that you are finished eating in less than three minutes.
Drove home and sent the no-longer-starving girls inside to change their clothes.
Took them to The Front for their after school rock climbing program.
Went to The Costco.
Bought lightbulbs and fruit snacks and two banners that were not printed correctly.
Hurried back for my 5:00 pm appointment with Derrick to teach him how to make chicken curry.
But he didn't want to use the rice cooker, he wanted to know how to make it on the stove in case he needed to cook without a rice cooker.
Good for him. But it just added more steps for me.
Realized I was out of curry seasoning. Seriously?
Not sure how that was possible since I always buy a dozen at a time.
Left Derrick home chopping, boiling, and sautéing.
Went to Rancho Market to look for curry.
It sounded absurd as soon as it came out of my mouth, but I swear I saw it there once.
Ran to Walmart to buy curry seasoning.
I really did run.
Picked up Rachel and Lucy from rock climbing.
Went back home to finish the chicken curry lesson.
Cleaned up the mess on the stove from the rice water boiling over.
(That's why you use a rice cooker.)
Ate dinner.
Got Adam and Kaleigh ready to go play at McDonald's with Derrick.
Dropped Rachel and Lucy off at the neighbor's house.
Went to Young Womens.
Left in the middle of the yoga lesson to buy fruit and water from Rancho Market.
(Golden delicious apples and tangerines for only 50 cents per pound...I love that place!)
Back to the church.
Drove to the Loosli's to pick up Rachel and Lucy.
Realized I Ieft their yoga mats at the church.
Back to the church to pick up yoga mats.
And then home.
Finally home for the day.
Started another load of laundry.
Lucy quickly showered and got ready for bed.
Rachel dilly dallied.
And officially gave up on her goal of doing the dishes every day for a year.
She only lasted two weeks.
I predict that Lucy will make it the entire year and earn the $500 reward.
At 8:48 pm, I remembered that Adam hadn't finished his homework for the week.
Actually, he hadn't started it.
Lucy helped bathe Kaleigh and got her ready for bed.
I finished homework with Adam.
Helped Rachel with her homework.
Adam took a shower and got ready for bed.
I walked around the bathrooms and collected all of the clothes that had been left on the floor.
Said prayers with the little kids.
Collapsed all of the cardboard boxes in the garage and took out the trash.
Started another load of laundry.
Gave Rachel a pep talk about going to bed.
Pulled up Parenthood on Hulu.
Washed the dishes and swept the floor.
(Parenthood is best viewed while doing housework, not recommended as a bedtime show.)
Too many issues that hit too close to home.
Sat down and took a break while I waited for the clothes to finish drying.
Ate one of my favorite snacks.
Artisan Romaine lettuce heads dipped in Marzetti Simply Dressed Blue Cheese dressing.
The lettuce leaves are the perfect shape and size for dipping into the top of the bottle.
And the dressing is perfectly mild.
Folded laundry across counter until there were stacks of clothes across the entire counter. (And we have a big counter.)

Last night, I petitioned Steve to take a road trip to Arizona.
I didn't have "anything" to do today.
And truthfully, this was a fairly uneventful day.
Just lots of busywork.

Maybe I do like to go on trips to escape my problems.
And get a break from wiping down the same kitchen counter five times a day.
And sweeping the same kitchen floors three times a day.
And pulling in and out of the driveway six times a day.
And get out of this house with the smoke detector that chirps all.day.long.
Please tell me that someone out there knows how to get it to stop chirping?!?

I don't think there's anything wrong with needing to get away every once in a while.
I would argue that traveling is a very reasonable coping mechanism.
Even a good form of therapy.
And, with that, I think I should actually be encouraged to take as many trips as my heart desires.

The End.

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Shafferprincess said...

Holy cow! I'd pay you to come spend just half a day at my house doing what you do! :D

And, the chirping usually means that a battery needs replaced, or that the detector itself needs to be replaced. If you open the cover, there should be instructions on what the chirps mean. :)

emily ballard said...

Thanks for your suggestions! But, unfortunately, changing the battery hasn't helped. Our smoke detectors are hardwired and with battery backup. Usually, we just push the test button and wait for it to go through all of the beeps, which sets off all of the other surrounding alarms in the house. But it only seems to fix it for an hour or so, and then it's back to chirping. The detector is supposed to last for ten years and does not indicate that it needs to be replaced. Maybe my firefighter brother-in-law will be able to help me. . .

Rachel said...

You are awesome. I'm so glad you still are blogging. And that it isn't private.

Gloria said...

Maybe a trip is the only way you get a down day.