We switched to 9:00 am church. Which means that Steve's first meeting starts at 7:30 am. But that's okay, I definitely prefer 9:00 am over 12:00 pm church. 

We are going to have time in the afternoons to do all sorts of things. 

Last week's favorite activity was looking through picture books. I usually don't let Adam and Kaleigh hold their books without someone directly supervising, but they spent a good hour or two looking through all of their books together. 

If I find peanut butter on any of those pages, I'll know it came from Adam's face. 

Rachel and Lucy played this matching game that I made out of bottle caps and pictures from November's Ensign. I cut the faces of the First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles out and put them right into the bottle caps. They fit perfectly and didn't need glue or anything to hold them in.  

Okay, so they actually got bored after ten minutes and made cookies instead. 

Today was stake conference, so we had even more time at home. I took Rachel and Lucy to the Ogden High School auditorium to listen to Elder L. Tom Perry and the other speakers, while Steve stayed home with Adam and Kaleigh. And then something crazy happened. Steve didn't leave the house all day long; we can't think of the last time that happened. 

Sunday morning quotes:

Adam: This is the worst food you've ever cooked us! (Steve burned the bacon.)

Lucy: My legs are so hairy that they have dandruff. 

Rachel: First it was the bikes hanging from the ceiling, and now we have lockers. Our garage looks just like Uncle James'. (Steve cleaned out the garage last night and made room for his truck and the Pilot.)

I went shopping yesterday for some upcoming birthday party presents. I bought a few extras, since I like having a small supply for last-minute party invitations. I had no idea the Rubix cubes would be such a hit. Lucy and Rachel both decided to buy one of them from me with their money. The  conversation with Adam went like this. 

Adam: I want one of those. 
Lucy: Then go get your money and pay mom. 
Adam: Okay. But then will she give me my money back?
Lucy: No, you have to pay her, just like you were going to buy it at a store.
Adam: And she is going to keep the money?
Lucy: Yes. 
Adam: And then I have to start over with no money left?
Lucy: Yes. 
Adam: Okay. . . 

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