The Binders of My Life

My kitchen table is covered in binders.

Young Womens, Junior League, OPAPO, and five binders, full of court documents, police reports, and prostitute ads. 

If my blog was still private, I could post Derrick and Steve's affidavits, which would provide with you the most comprehensive update on the drama in my life. 

Instead, I will share a few interesting numbers. 

6                   number of times we have gone to court with Derrick for custody issues (#7 is next week)

$20,537      total amount owed to Derrick (child support, judgments for attorney fees, etc.)
$1,850        amount that Derrick has been paid
$1,650        portion of that $1,850 that was paid by the pimp
$18,687      remaining amount owed to Derrick

11                 number of states that we found prostitute ads with suggestive pictures 

$300           her current hourly rate

$200           Derrick's lawyer's hourly rate

???               I was going to calculate Derrick's attorney bills over the last four years, but then I decided I didn't want to know.

                     Not today. 


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Gloria said...

I was just praying earlier this morning that your family can maintain hope, and feel His love mist all the drama!

Gloria said...

Now I'll pray some more!