From Pinterest: Bouncy Ball Valentines

These valentines that Lucy made for her class were probably my favorite of the year. They were quick  and easy and look super cute. The original post from The Crafting Chicks and the link to the free printable can be found here.

The wording is a little out of focus in my picture, but it says VALENTINE YOU MAKE MY HEART BOUNCE.

Lucy quickly pointed out that there should be a comma after the word Valentine. But I just love free printables made by incredibly creative people. So I was willing to look past the punctuation error.

The cheapest place to buy the large bouncy balls is Old Navy. We walked in with ten dollars worth of quarters and left with a big bag full of bouncy balls.

I printed out the labels on card stock, cut them out, and then had Lucy write her name on the back. She put all of the balls into some clear, plastic bags that we already had at home, and then we stapled the labels to the top of the bag. Voila. No worries about anything falling off or breaking. The perfect valentine!

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