From Pinterest: Chewing Gum Letters on Birthday Cake

I pinned a picture of a cake with letters made out of sticks of gum on Pinterest a long time ago. 

The letters I made for Rachel's birthday cake are, admittedly, not as polished as the Pinterest picture. But that's because the Pinterest picture is not a DIY instructional, it's a company that sells the one-inch gum paste letters for $3.25 each. 

Price is per letter

The cost for the letters on the cake would add up to $65.00, plus $12.75 shipping, for a grand total of $77.75. And they are only one inch tall. And they take one to two weeks to process. 

Awesome idea, but that's kind of steep. Crazy steep. 

So here are my DIY instructions for How to Make Chewing Gum Letters for a Birthday Cake: 

1. Buy about 75 sticks of chewing gum. (I bought a big pack of Wrigley's React2 gum from Costco because Rachel likes the colors. You will only use about 50 sticks of gum, but have some extras on hand for backup.)

2. Visualize (or draw out) how the letters will fit on the cake. And you will see why later, but leave more space between the letters than I did. (I thought I would make all of the letters first and then place on the cake, but it's a whole lot easier to position the letters directly on the cake.)

3. Use a knife to cut some of the sticks of gum into smaller pieces.

4. Start forming letters out of gum. (This is where it becomes important to have new, softer gum that can bend without breaking.)

5. Use the cake's frosting to place and position the letters on the cake. 

Done. It's that easy. 

You can see that my lettering is far from perfect and that there are some small gaps at the joints of the letters that probably could have been doctored up with some moisture or some sort of paste. But I was okay with the quick version. And let's be honest, it looked way better than anything I could have done with frosting. 

I probably spent a grand total of 25 minutes on the project. And that includes looking on Pinterest and realizing there were no good tips, unwrapping all of the gum, lettering the cake, and taking pictures of it. 

It would have been nice to have more spacing between each letter, for serving purposes. Because each girl wanted a piece of cake with their own letter on it:

The girls were crazy excited about the cake and claiming their letters. But then again, since Justin Beiber was at the party, they were pretty much giddy about everything. 

And yes, my fingers were all over each stick of gum. But I washed my hands first, so I went ahead and let them chew it. 


Gloria said...

I thought it looked fantastic and very creative!

Stephanie Dirks said...

I LOVE it! You did great. That's a neat idea!

Debra said...

Super cute cake and super cute kid with the "E"! ;)