From Pinterest: Fish Bowl Valentines

Kaleigh was the only kid in our family who was allowed to bring candy for Valentine's Day. But she is also our biggest sweet tooth. And we are trying to limit her sugar consumption. So when I saw this valentine using goldfish, I knew it was perfect. 

There are many versions of this valentine online, but I think this one from bliss bloom blog is the cutest. 

I used some clear round bags that I had at home (originally purchased at Michael's) that just happened to be the right shape for the printout. I already had some red ribbon, so I used that to tie ribbons at the top. (I am unfamiliar with washi tape, but I think I probably need some.)  

I think they turned out super cute. I didn't try to mail any of these valentines because I was sure they would get smashed. And I also had to finish making them on Valentine's Day because the ones I made earlier ended up with grease spots on the card stock.