From Pinterest: I Mustache You a Question Valentines

I don't think I'll ever get sick of mustaches. Last year, Kaleigh made mustache valentines. This year, it was Rachel's turn. 

These mustache valentines could easily be customized and remade, but I am all about easy, so I just printed out this free download

Print, cut, and attach adhesive mustaches with removable mounting squares. Bam! Quick and easy. 

You can buy a six-pack of adhesive mustaches at Old Navy for two bucks. Go ahead and buy a bunch because you will come up with all sorts of great uses for them: primary classes, birthday parties, rainy days, stockings, etc. 

Rachel said everybody loved her valentines and that all of the kids in her class were wearing their mustaches after school. Mustaches are perfect for all ages, and this valentine was the easiest to mail. 

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