From Pinterest: Love Bug Valentines

This year, Adam make Love Bug valentines for his kindergarten class. The original post from dandee designs, including the free printable can be found here

Of all the valentines we made, Adam's turned out the cutest. You can't go wrong with plastic bug finger puppets: 

They were also the most difficult to make. Not so much the valentines themselves, but Adam's assignment to write From, Adam on each valentine. Getting him to write small enough to fit across the bottom of each valentine was near impossible. 

We won't discuss how long it took. Or how many I had to throw away. (I really should have taken pictures of some of the rejects.)

The next time I do a project like this with him, I will have him write on the valentines before I cut them out. 

I bought the bugs at Zurchers and used a hot glue gun to attach the bugs to the card stock. 

Adam had a hard time with the idea of giving away all of those cool bugs to his classmates, so I might go back to the store to buy him a six-pack to keep for himself. 


Aneesa Bee said...

Love these!!! They look awesome. And I have to say, my most favorite, and un-favorite part of Valentine's Day is the extra writing practice it provides. ;-)

Gloria said...