I Love You Like Peaches

Steve and I rarely do anything special to celebrate Valentine's Day. Partly because we are burned out from birthday season and partly because he always has to work. But my friend, Jeanette, made this cute video for us:

Other items of note that took place on Valentine's Day:

The plumber came and fixed our broken toilet. (Last week, Lucy dropped a pencil in the toilet. And I made the very expensive mistake of telling her to go ahead and flush. I really didn't think a full-size pencil would go down. But it did. Partway.)

Steve went to parent teacher conference for Adam and I went to parent teacher conference for Rachel and Lucy. Rachel's teacher told her not to spend so much time on homework and not to worry so much about the details. Lucy's teacher told her to slow down and pay attention to the details.

I went and bought Adam some boxers. Because last night I got a text message from my friend, Heidi, notifying me that Adam was doing a whole lot of itching/readjusting during the Weber State University cheerleading clinic. And that Derrick just about died of laughter. Crossing my fingers that the boxers help because the doctor says there's no medical issue.

Kaleigh had all of the moms at her preschool Valentine's Day party rolling in laughter when she sat down, straight-faced and cross legged, in the middle of the class and demanded that everyone be quiet so she could meditate.

I told the kids we were just running a quick errand to the post office. And then they convinced me to go to IKEA. I assumed Valentine's would be the perfect night for my first trip to IKEA. It was surely going to be a slow night, perfect for some aimless meandering throughout the store.

And then there was a flash mob.

Since IKEA was swarming with people, we got dinner from the drive thru at In-N-Out Burger.

There was a sign on the window that said, "Bills larger than $20 will not be accepted after 10:00 pm." Rachel asked, "Is that because they don't want to count back so much change when it's late at night?"

As we were driving around Sandy, Rachel yelled out, "My eyes, my eyes! There are too many lights! It's too bright for my eyes!" I clearly need to take her to the big city more often.


Rebecca said...

Darling video. That is hysterical about Kaleigh telling everyone to be quiet so she could meditate! Sooooo funny! So, if you guys want to come to the big city again come meet us at the Aquarium in Sandy since we just got season passes today and the octopus and the jelly fishes alone were worth the price of admission.

Gloria said...

I love the video, it's a keeper!