New York City: Day 5

Okay, so remember at the end of my post about Day 4 when I said that Sherry stayed up and packed, but I was exhausted and went to bed? Well, that factors into this story. . .

The entire time we were in New York City, my phone never updated to the correct time. The alarm clock next to my bed was completely off, and I never bothered to fix it. So I spent a good part of the trip being confused about what time it was.

Heidi had an early flight home, so we all needed to wake up at 5:45 am to get to the airport. But then Heidi's alarm went off at 3:45 am.

(Or so I thought.)

Heidi woke up and started getting ready. By 4:00 am, she was hacking and coughing. Like a banshee. She was banging her luggage around and seemed to be slamming the kitchen cupboards closed. It was almost as if she was trying to be disruptive.

I'm not much of a morning person and my husband (and kids) can attest that I'm not always pleasant when I'm still half asleep. I was tired. And bothered. I finally turned to Sherry, who was still asleep in bed and asked, "Does she realize it's only 4:00 am!?!"

Well, a few minutes later, and after some more blatant noises from Heidi, I bolted out of bed and remembered that my clock was off. It was 6:00 am! And yes. . . Heidi had gone to great lengths to be extra noisy in a desperate attempt to wake me up.

I had to pack and get ready lightening fast.

But we made it to the airport with plenty of time. We hoped American Airlines would let us switch our flights and get on the early flight with Heidi to Chicago. But they said it was full. They should have let us on anyway. Because Sherry and I sat at the gate and watched at least six people show up after the flight left. Not everyone was as lucky as me to have a noisy friend to wake them up in the morning!

Sherry and I finally boarded and flew to Dallas.

And then we started making plans how to get home from the airport. Maybe her mom could come pick us up? Maybe Derrick would come get us? And then we realized we had just spent the last four days navigating the largest city in the United States using public transportation. Certainly we could figure out how to get ourselves home from the airport. But after hearing our plan, Sherry's husband called and said he wasn't waiting another two hours for Sherry to come home and that he would come pick us up. I guess Utah isn't nearly as commuter-friendly as New York City.

Dallas to Salt Lake City was the emptiest flights I've ever been on. If I wouldn't have been so tired, I could have jumped around to all of the window seats throughout the plane and taken all sorts of fun aerial photos like these:

But instead I just sat there and daydreamed about sleeping in my own bed. With Steve. (No offense, Sherry :)

I don't remember my kids ever being so excited to see me. They loved their souvenirs. So much that I wished I had purchased more. 

My house was a bit of a disasterand it was pretty clear that Steve would have lost his mind if I would have been gone any longer. But at least they didn't burn the house down.

There was a close call that involved Kaleigh and this couch cushion. . . 

I was so glad to be home to my family, but forever grateful that I was able to go on this unbelievable trip with Sherry and Heidi. Thanks for the good times!


Mindy said...

Glad you made it home safe. Still crazy jealous about your trip, but thank you for doing such a great job documenting it so I can live vicariously :)

Gloria said...

A trip to remember!