Rachel's Never-Ending Questions

I've never met anyone who asks as many questions as this girl: 

(The one on the left.)

I know I should encourage her intense level of curiosity, but sometimes it can be downright overwhelming. 

We've tried putting a limit on the number of questions she can ask in a day. Or at one time. But she ends up frustrated, and I end up feeling bad for stifling her eagerness. 

So I finally suggested that she start writing down her questions, and then I can answer them when I have time. 

Here are the questions that she wrote down while she was at school today: 

What does horizon mean?
What are we going to do in New York City?
What bags are we going to take on our trip?
Have you ever experienced a tornado in Kansas?

At tonight's Learning Circle meeting, we talked about learning each child's love language. I clearly need to spend more quality time with Rachel, give her my full attention, and make a greater effort to answer her questions (without complaining).

As I was texting Rachel the answers to all of her questions, Steve started laughing and told me that he has met someone who actually asks more questions as Rachel. 


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Rebecca said...

Sydney and Rachel should hang out. Sydney is like that too:-)