Snowboarding with Ethan

Two weeks ago, we took our nephew snowboarding for his first time:

I posted this story on Facebook, but I need to add it here too. Because I don't think of anything on Facebook as a reliable record. 

We were at the ticket counter, trying to decide which ticket he should buy with the gift card he got for Christmas. And then the lady at the counter told us that someone had "paid it forward" and bought an extra ticket for her to give to someone else. 

I was completely speechless. 

Adult All-Area lift tickets cost $82. 

I thanked her. And told her she had picked the right person. I was seriously so touched. And I'm pretty sure if I would have stood there any longer, I would have started crying. 

Yes, there are good, kind people in this world. 

Ethan had a great time:

And I heard he was a little sore the next day.

It was probably the most perfect day ever to learn how to snowboard: blue skies and warm temperatures. Well, not as warm as Florida.

Even if you aren't a skier, everyone needs to drive up to Snowbasin and see how beautiful it is. The lodge has free wi-fi and the food is reasonably priced. 

And they were a top 10 finalist in America's Best Restroom Contest


byoung said...

i have been wanting to check it out! we have been stuck at wolf mountain with the kiddos this season.

VuGurus said...

Very Nice Place, You Are Lucky....

Gloria said...

Nice pictures, and how amazing to have the fee paid by a stranger. So kind.