The Boy Learns to Ski, Part 1

On Friday, the boy went skiing for his first time. 

Here he is, demonstrating "french fries" and "pizza":

But Steve, apparently, is opposed to those terms, so he just kept yelling, "snow plough!"

Adam isn't our most athletic child and his left leg is still significantly weaker than his right, so we were kind of surprised by how well he did. Steve said that the difference was that Adam actually listened to him. He didn't argue like Lucy. And he isn't afraid of speed, like Rachel was when she learned to ski.

Adam even watched the ski school video lessons on the iPad, which is better than I can say for myself.

His favorite part was riding the ski lift up the hill. Which was nerve-wracking because he wasn't the least bit scared. And I was sure he was going to fall right off.

He wasn't bad for his first day:


Much less crashing than when I tried to teach him to ride a bike. 

But there was also plenty of this that took place: 

Which meant that Steve and Adam were both completely worn out by lunchtime.

It wasn't the best day for Steve. He was crazy excited because someone at Salomon let him demo some brand new skis that are coming out next season. As in, they haven't even been released yet. They are the new version of these skis that he fell in love with a couple weeks ago. But they are more of a powder ski, and there was no powder. So he finally made the long trek back down to the car at the bottom of the parking lot and switched them out for his regular skis.

Then I told him I would go take a run by myself while he ordered some lunch for us to share. I took my time, leisurely coming down the mountain, assuming I was letting him enjoy lunch by himself. And then when I finally made it back to the lodge, he was just sitting there without food. Because he couldn't find his wallet.

The real bummer was that he left early to go back to work. And then once he got home, I called him and asked him to check his pockets for my keys. . . and then he had to get right back in his truck and drive back.

Needless to say, it might be a little while before Steve is ready for The Boy Learns to Ski, Part 2.

At least I got a good picture of Part 1:

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@udj said...

I am trying to convince Fred to learn to ski so he can take the kids. I enjoy reading and seeing your ski posts. If I could have a new bionic leg then I would give it a try, but I don't think my joints could take it. Ski on, ski on!