2011 Classic Race

Before I write about the Canyonlands Half Marathon that I ran last week, I really need to back up and talk about my experience at the Ogden Marathon in 2012. And before I can properly write about the Ogden Marathon, I have an embarrassing story to share. Because it explains the motivation behind why I ran 20 miles in the marathon.

I texted my friend yesterday.

Me: Did I not ever post pictures on my blog about that race we ran in Layton?
Sherry: Nope. Why would you have? Not to be remembered;)

. . . . .

After my three surgeries in 2011, I was anxious to regain my strength and become physically active. I won an entry from SelectHealth for The Classic, a 5K race in Layton. I talked Sherry into running the race with me, so we went to Ogden High School to train with our kids. That first time around the track was a struggle. But we kept at it, with Sherry as my trainer and the kids as my cheerleaders. I slowly progressed until I was ready to run three miles. Well, mostly run. (We figured the girls would slow us down a bit.)

In retrospect, it's crazy for me to think that I thought I was ready for a 5K because my stomach was still very tender. We had gone to Pineview with my family the week before, and I still remember how sore I was when Steve flipped our wave runner and I had to tread water for a few minutes. It was a full month after the race that we went to Bonneville Seabase for our anniversary, and I still wasn't up for swimming. I guess I was determined to run.

Race day came, and we were so excited to run with our eight-year old daughters:

But not far into the race, my excitement was quickly replaced by misery. . . intestinal misery. And as luck would have it,  there weren't any porta-potties on the course. I will spare you the details, but let's just say it was horribly embarrassing. 

And defeating. I had planned and prepared for the race, but my stomach just wasn't ready. Sherry continued running with the girls, and I finally had to surrender and call Steve to have him come pick me up. 

We made a pit stop at a gas station and then went back to the race to watch Sherry, Rachel, and Sophia cross the finish line. Steve was surprised that I was willing to go back, but I didn't want to ruin the day for the kids. I was absolutely horrified by what had happened, but I just put a smile on my face and acted like everything was okay. 

The worst part was that all of the race directors had heard about my stomach problems. They apologized profusely and promised that they would add porta-potties to the course next year. "Don't worry. . . I won't be back!" I thought in my head. (I did try and explain that there was no need to change the set-up of the race just for me; I clearly had some unusual intestinal issues.)

Derrick finished his 10K race and won third place in his age division:

 Rachel was beaming. I was so proud of her for running her first 5K: 

Stan Bird came to say hi: 

I think Rachel actually has the same exact expression on her face in this picture below as I did as a teenager when I had braces. My dad always referred to it as my "pained orthodontic smile". 

Lucy did some meditating: 

Because then it was time for her big race. Jeremy Holt led all of the KidsK runners in some stretches:

Gave them a pep talk: 

And then they were off. It looks like Lucy is yelling: 

These four cheerleaders stood on the side of the road: 

And Rachel ran right alongside of Lucy to keep her going: 

Madey was definitely my favorite little runner to watch:

What a fun family activity: 

But what a horrible first race for me.

I tried to sign up for a race in October and another one in November, but each time, Steve said no. He was afraid my stomach wasn't ready and that I'd just repeat my embarrassing experience. He told me I might want to look for an out of town race. . . or maybe even out of state. . . to try again. (He wasn't joking.)

It's probably no surprise that I kind of gave up on running. I was clearly not meant to be a runner. Sherry talked me into going to a class at Gold's Gym called CX-WORX. My torso muscles were extremely weak, and since the class targets core training, it was really hard for me. Even though it was months before I could keep up with the older ladies who sat in the back row of the class with me, the class was exactly what I needed.

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