A Saturday in Logan

On Saturday, we went to Logan for the sealing of Sam and Kacie's new babies. During the temple sealing, Ivy was being a little fussy, until she looked around and found Cora. Those cute babies just smiled at each other and cooed, as their older siblings looked on, beaming from ear to ear. It was pretty special. 

Kacie is always dressed so stylishly: 

 What a woman. She is going to have her hands full (literally) for the next few years.

I shouldn't leave Sam out. He always has a baby in his arms too: 

After almost a dozen unsuccessful shots, we finally tricked Fred into smiling for this picture: 

India, on the other hand, couldn't have stopped smiling if she would have tried. Happiest girl ever: 

Steve and I posed for a picture to replicate my favorite wedding photo, seen here

We made a quick stop at Great Harvest, then we went to Sam and Kacie's house. For a baby blessing and some lunch, complete with Italian sodas:  

There were plenty of girls eager to help with the babies:

Kaleigh can't get enough of the babies. She talks about them all day long, which is just fine with me. I'd much rather listen to her talk about how cute Cora and Ivy are, than have to listen to her repeat how Jasmine can't be her mom because she made bad decisions. Over and over again.

I realized that all seven of us were together and dressed nicely. So I asked my dad to take a family picture for us:

Just pretend that Lucy's bow is actually tied: 

This isn't my favorite shot, but Derrick requested this arrangement. And I was more than happy to oblige because it might have been the first time that he showed any interest in family pictures:

It was cold, but I talked everyone into going back outside for a few more pictures. 

Derrick taught Kaleigh how to properly pose for the camera: 

And then I got a few shots of Derrick with all of the girls. . . Kaleigh managed to smile, even though she was freezing cold. 

Look at these two handsome boys: 

I love that Rachel always asks for a picture with her dad: 

And this is still the best way to make our kids laugh. Ask them to take your picture. . . 

And then kiss: 

Instantaneous laughter. Every single time. 

Lucy and Rachel love taking jumping pictures: 

They can get a lot higher with Steve's help: 

Once I figured out the background, I asked my favorite sister to come outside and take another family picture. I probably ought to do some editing to remove Derrick's giant hand on Lucy's shoulder. But other than that, I think I love it:


Kayli said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, every one! I think that family picture on the bottom is PERFECTION which is amazing-- good job! Your family is very beautiful.

Also I love India's smile.

Also, I kindof love Steve's hair when you guys got married, and you should have leaned against the wall too in your recreation shot. Oh well, still super fun.

Shhh, don't tell, but I wish I would have got married in the Logan temple instead of the Vernal. Oh well.

Anyway, lovely pictures.

i'm h.mac said...

Love those family shots- including the zombie hands;)

Gloria said...

Love the pictures. I think I need to add these to my scrapbook!