Arches National Park

After we finished the race on Saturday, we went to Arches National Park. This was Rachel and Lucy's first time at Arches. I'm so glad that Sherry and her running group were kind enough to invite us along. 

Here's the whole crew, except for me: 

The six adults: Brie, Carsen, Marnie, Sherry, Emily, and Lauren. 

The red rocks against the snowcapped mountains were far more stunning in real life than this photo: 

Balanced Rock: 

There used to be a second, much smaller balanced rock called "Chip Off the Old Block", but it fell during the winter of 1975-1976. I used that information to scare Rachel out of climbing up too high.

The rock looks a lot bigger from this angle. . . it's the size of three school buses!

 Lauren climbed partway up to pose for us:

We drove on through the park to the Delicate Arch trailhead. While we were looking for parking, Marnie quickly did Rachel's hair to match the other girls. 

The next several pictures were taken by photographer Rachel. I tried to explain to her how different digital photography is from the film camera I had when I was her age. But the idea of paying money to buy film and then having to pay more money to develop your film is kind of a crazy concept.

I love this shot she got of Lucy:

Partly because it was the last time she smiled for a while. . . 

 Lucy fell behind from the rest of the group. She took quite a few breaks, as I prodded her along:

Carsen, Marnie, Sherry: 

Rachel and Kenya:

There were lots of people at Delicate Arch. Lots of people. I made an attempt to take pictures when there were fewer people around.

And then I went ahead and edited some of them out with my super fancy iPhoto retouch tool.

That's supposed to be funny. Because it's debatable whether the pictures look better with a few strangers standing around or some big fuzzy areas.

Oh well, at least when they are edited, you know which people to look at. 

Some of the shots are harder to identify where the extra people have been edited out. I love this picture. Look how intently everyone is listening to Sherry. She must have been saying something super important.

Of course we had to let the girls pose for some jumping pictures: 

I love this shot too. But whoops, it looks like I left a stranger standing next to the arch in this picture: 

This is the angle I really wanted. I backed up as far as I could, trying to get the entire arch, but this is the best I could get: 

My legs were still a little shaky from the race, so I had to be careful not to fall off the back side. Thankful none of these girls fell either: 

Some of the other people moved, so we decided to try for some jumping pictures with Delicate Arch in the background: 

Kenya is a crazy jumper!

I'm aware that most of you would rather just see one or two of these shots, but these girls spent a good hour examining their facial expressions and body positions in every single one of these pictures, so I'm going to go ahead and post all of them.

They all wanted individual jumping shots too. . . and yes, by this point in time, there were quite a few people watching us take pictures:

We told our girls that we were too sore to jump with them: 

But then Marnie had to go ahead and ruin that for us:

And then once I showed them how cool the jumping pictures looked, they were all in: 

It was decided that I needed a jumping picture too. I look like I'm about to die. And just to clarify. . . I could barely move my legs.

Brie made it look way too easy: 

One last picture with my girls: 

And one last picture of the group. (I was always assigned to stand on the low end of the rock to even out our heights.)

Some silly shots of Rachel:

And then we were out of there:

We returned back to our cars. . . and a parking ticket. 

Take a closer look at that sad face: 

It must have worked; they got off with just a warning. 

We stopped in front of the Three Gossips, where Sherry posed the girls for these pictures:

And then we bid farewell to Arches National Park:

We had an awesome dinner at the Moab Brewery, and then it was back to our condo for a wild night of karaoke. If you can handle any more pictures of Arches National Park (and video footage of the singing), check out Rachel's blogpost


Kayli said...

Awesome awesome pictures! Looks like a perfect day! When people ask me where I from, if they even know of Utah it's because of Canyonlands, and then I have to confess that I've never been there. I really have to rectify that situation.

Gloria said...

Great pictures and glad you had a great time!

Rebecca said...

I Love the blue skies and the puffy white clouds. That picture of you jumping is pretty darn funny I must say!

Stephanie Dirks said...

How fun! I've never been there. And I lived in Utah my whole childhood life! Man, I sure missed out. You make everything look like the best thing there is to do in the world. Everything! I love reading your blog and adventures.

MoabUtah said...

Do you ladies also know about the Thelma and Louise Half Marathon in Moab June 1st? Seems like a future race for all you gals. http://www.moabhalfmarathon.com/tlhm/index.cfm