Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Saren suggested that we have a neighborhood Easter egg hunt. My week was already packed, and I wasn't sure that I could fit in anything else. But the activity was quick, easy, and fun, so I'm glad she pushed it along and made it happen. 

The instructions were to meet in front of the Loosli's house at 5:00 pm with 10 filled Easter eggs and a basket or bag for each child. (I have to include the details here because next year we will be trying to remember exactly what we did this year.) Some of the older kids and the dads hid the eggs in backyard of the Loosli's/Choberka's while the kids played Duck, Duck, Goose. Or some Easter-ish variation of that game. 

I love my neighborhood. I love that we gather together for fun activities like this. And I love that so many neighbors without kids still come and participate. I should have taken some pictures of the adults. Tamara was teaching me and Mindy about how we need to be stretching better before we run. That's when I missed the start of the Easter egg hunt.

I ran to catch up with Kaleigh. She was so funny. She walked right by eggs on the ground towards eggs like this one that were hidden up high. She jumped a few times to see if she could reach it, and then moved on to something else.

Their backyard has an "urban" feel to it. Saren called it something different. . .  

But let's be honest, there were way more places to hide eggs than there would have been in a nicely manicured yard. 

And, of course the kids didn't mind one bit. 

Some of the older kids paired up to help the younger kids. 

But not Rachel. She was the official winner of the hunt with some 35 eggs.

The older kids were encouraged to share their extra eggs with the younger kids, so everyone would end up with about 10 eggs each. But it turned out that the parents of the younger kids didn't really want their kids to have any more candy, so there was just a little sharing and everyone ended up happy. The kids sat on the grass and sorted through their candy while the adults visited. It was quite pleasant. 




Taylor & Eliza: 

Mrs. Bieber: 

Courtney & Ethan:


More Oliver:

Eloise & Hazel:



And one final picture of Saren with the Easter Bunny: 

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