General Conference Sunday in Idaho

While we were in Chicago, Rachel, Adam, and Kaleigh went to stay with my parents in Idaho. So on General Conference Sunday, we drove to Idaho to pick them up. And have our traditional Malouf Family General Conference lunch. Their garden had just been tilled: 

And their bathroom was filled with beautiful plant starts: 

My mom commissioned Adam to kill box elder bugs for her, at a generous rate of five cents apiece. She didn't say a word when he jumped up on the counter to get a bug that was crawling on the window. So either it's okay to climb on top of the counter in the name of killing bugs, or she was so worn out from my kids that it didn't even faze her.

He goes, "Look, Mom! This is how you kill a bug naaa-turally."

He was quite pleased with the whole arrangement:

Sam and Kacie watched Lucy while we were gone. Which meant Lucy had four days of incredible hairdos like this one:

Those babies are too cute:

They are in still high demand; everyone clamors for their chance to hold them. 

I'm pretty sure Derrick is receiving some advice here: 

And I think he might actually be giving some advice in this picture: 

Fred and Adam played checkers and chess: 

After lunch, the kids went outside for a belated Easter egg hunt:

The final activity of the day was shooting paintball guns:

What?!? Your grandma didn't teach you how to shoot a paintball gun?

Rachel picked the title for this picture. . . 

This is what happens when your grandma moves to Idaho: 

It was actually my very first time shooting a paintball gun. And kind of reminiscent of when we were kids, living in Kansas. And had the tradition of shooting bb guns at targets in our basement on Sunday evenings.

Thanks for the fun Sunday. And for watching our kids!

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