My Family is Funny

We currently have a ban on fingernail polish in our house. So Rachel made this video for me. Who knew that painted nails could result in an increase in vegetable consumption?!?

I find myself laughing at things the kids say on a daily basis. Lucy mostly just finds ways to incorporate lines from Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre into her daily life:

Derrick: So what do you think of Gcobisa?
Lucy: I'm just gettin' kinda T.O.'d because, I mean, she hasn't even sent me a full body shot yet.

She also says a lot of really strange things, like "Mom, I wish oranges were purple, but still tasted like oranges."

I'm not generally into sharing toothbrushes, but one night I was exhausted and didn't have the energy to walk downstairs to find mine, so I just used Lucy's. (Sometimes I multitask, but then my toothbrush ends up in strange places around the house. And Lucy's was the obvious choice because she doesn't brush very well, so her toothbrushes always look new.)

Me: Hey Lucy, I used your toothbrush last night.
Lucy: WHAT?!? That's gross, Mom! I can't believe you used my toothbrush!
Rachel: Well, you used her stomach!

Rachel was talking to Lucy when she accidentally let out a loud toot. Rachel turned her head back, pointed at her bum, and said (to her bum), "Shhh! Be quiet. I'm trying to talk here!"

We drove through some hail on the freeway and Kaleigh asked, "Why is the rain SO ANGRY?"

This was Adam's polite and matter-of-fact way of telling me he doesn't like what I made for dinner, "Mom, I think you accidentally used the wrong ingredients."

Adam might be a hypochondriac.

"Mom, I'm either having a stomachache or a heart attack. I don't know which one yet."

"Mom, I have two problems with my body. One of them is the rug burns on my legs. And the other is all of these slivers in my hands."

"Mom, I need a bandaid. Or maybe a cast."

He's still charming. . . 

Me: Adam, you're my favorite little boy in the whole world.
Adam: I kinda figured that out. Yesterday.

And clever. . .

Adam (flipping a coin): I'm heads, you're houses!
Me: What?

Hmmmm, that does make more sense.

Adam was playing Angry Birds and yelled, "Have you heard, piggies? You're obsolete!" And then he paused. . . "Hang on, wait. Mom, what does obsolete even mean?"

Steve makes me laugh. (Even without the mustache.) He does lots of silly things, like buy 2 gallons of milk for a pancake breakfast for 200 people.

Some of the things he says are funny too. Not haha funny, like with the kids. He's funny because he is being so serious.

"I really just wish they would make an iPhone that doesn't break."

"Don't you get sick of getting the kids ready for school every morning? I mean. . . doesn't it feel like they've gone to enough school for the year?!?" (Funnier because Steve is on the school board.)

(After waking up from a five-hour nap), "Wow. I didn't think that was physically possible." (Not a regular occurrence; he hadn't gotten much sleep the two nights before.)


Stephanie Dirks said...

I'm glad Brennon hasn't figured out the "wrong ingredients" comment. He'd say that every.single.night. He looks at dinner and usually said, "Um...I think I'll go hungry tonight!" I like the stomach comment. So true. We have leverage on them for the rest of their lives:)

Marilyn said...

This was a laugh out loud post for me. I really enjoy your crazy kids. Thanks for sharing them with us.

@udj said...

I laughed out loud as well. I don't feel like I've commented in awhile. I still check your blog, not as much, life is busy. I do love this blog of yours and just wanted to say "HI." I love your kids! And You!

Gcobisa said...

hehehe your kids are just too awesome. I don't think I know what T.O.'d means though? but she finally got to see a full body shot of me.