Team Ballard Goes to Logan

The Wiricks came to Utah for spring break. Logan wanted to spend the day in Logan

We started out with breakfast at Angie's:

You know. . . because we have two Angies: 

We sat at a big, long table for 21 people. . . which attracted a fair amount of attention. The food was great, and the service was great. I'd say it went far better than anyone could have imagined. Except that Steve's seat was empty; he had to stay in Ogden and work. 

The kids played in the back of Angela's truck: 

While the two Angies bought souvenir shirts and posed for another picture: 

Then we went to Ryan's Place Park in River Heights: 

The weather was absolutely perfect and the kids had fun. . . just being kids: 

I caught Gracie smiling a few times, so there's proof that she had fun too:

Okay, this one isn't a smile. . . but she was clearly having a good time:

Uncle Dave kept the little kids happy on the swings:

I didn't see this take place, but I heard about it all day long. Uncle Mike spun these girls round and round until they were sick to their stomach: 

 Rachel took this picture of Richard. I doubt he would have been so willing to pose for me. 

 Lucy and Gretchen are the best picture posers these days:

I guess these boys were pretty good too: 

I didn't even know that Adam could do the monkey bars: 

It's because he's so strong, he told me. 

Then we went to First Dam to feed the ducks:

Well, we tried to feed them, but they weren't very hungry. So I tried to take some pictures, but the lighting wasn't great. 

Luke saluted me, so that was cool: 

Here's Jack: 

And here's the whole crew: 

Minus Jake, who was off chasing a duck: 

Some of the kids walked over to the east side of the dam. I wish everyone else would have followed us because it was prettier over there: 

Please note the two people laying on top of each other on the grass above Jake's head: 

And please note the length of Mike's beard: 

Did I mention the weather was perfect?

If you look closely, you can see the rock, midair, headed towards the geese:

I probably should have tried to stop him, but instead I just took the picture. The look on his face after this was priceless.

Our next stop was The Island Market for some penny candy. And then we went and watched The Croods: 

When we walked out of the movie theater, it was pouring rain. Everyone else drove home, but we fit in a few more stops: Sam's Clubhouse (that's what Kaleigh calls Sam's warehouse, and I love it) and a quick visit with my Grandpa. He was looking rather sharp. I only took Rachel inside with me, but he immediately asked where Lucy was and sent Rachel out to get her too.

We had such a pleasant day, and I was starting to feel a bit homesick. 
But then we got stuck in the 5:00 pm traffic on Main Street. 
And I don't miss that one bit. 
We drove to Logan in 40 minutes. 
It took us 70 minutes to get home!


Taruhan bola said...

woowww amazing,, ilike your familly,,,

Jenny said...

Hey do you realize that I only live a half mile from Ryan's Place Park? You should give me a ring the next time you're there!

Gloria said...

Great day! Thanks for the pictures and the post!

Anonymous said...

Um... The Angie's shirts, PRICELESS. -sherry