Kindergarten Conversations

Adam: Only one more day of school for me!
Madey: You are going to miss a week of school. And what about graduation?
Adam: Graduation? That's only for when you finish college!
Madey: No, it's not! Don't you remember preschool graduation?
Adam: Preschool graduation? You don't graduate from preschool!
Me: Ummm, Adam missed preschool graduation last year too.
Adam: Wait, wait, wait. So you can graduate from everything? Preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade?
Me: They usually only have graduations for preschool, kindergarten, high school, and college.
Adam: Well, I guess I better keep going to school so I can graduate from high school.

. . . . .

Kaleigh: Blood is under my skin.
Adam: No, blood is in your heart.
Kaleigh: Blood is under my skin.
Adam: No! Blood is in your heart!
Me: There is blood under your skin. It travels all over your body in veins and arteries.
Madey: What are arteries?
Adam: They are the tubes that carry the blood.
Madey: Like the blue things under my tongue?
Me: Yeah, and on your arms and legs.
Madey: My grandma and your grandma have a lot of veins.
Adam: And my mom had to have an operation because the vein that was going from her heart down her tummy wasn't working because it was going too slow. And it was leaking blood. So they cut her open and gave her a new artery.
(That's what got my attention. . . not exactly accurate, but I didn't realize he knew that much. And just to be clear, my artery wasn't leaking blood.)
Me: Did you know that they actually used part of a cow to patch my artery?
Adam and Madey: A COW???
Me: Yep. I have part of a cow inside my body.
Adam and Madey: A COW!!!
Madey: Where did they get the cow?
Adam: They had to catch it.
Madey: But where did they kill the cow?
Adam: They took it to a laboratory.
Madey: Okay, then how did they kill the cow?
Adam: Well, they didn't use their hands because that would be killing nature.
Madey: How can they kill a cow without using their hands?
Adam: Well the scientists kinda used a ray like a laser beam.
Kaleigh: Blood is under my skin.
Madey: No, under the bones is blood.
Adam: No inside the bones is some silk. And some animals like to eat it.
Madey: There is not silk inside of bones.
Adam: Yes there is. And some animals like to eat it.
Madey: Adam, that is not true!
Adam: Yes it is. But you have to have sharp teeth to be able to crunch the bone.
Madey: Adam, that is not true!
Adam: Yes it is.
Kaleigh: Dogs eat dog food.
Adam: I'm not talking about dogs! I'm talking about the Tasmanian Devil!
Madey: That is not true. Animals only eat the skin.
Adam: The Tasmanian Devil likes to crunch the bones and eat all of them.
Madey: Can we please stop talking about veins and bodies!

I'm lucky this conversation took place while we were waiting in the drive thru at the dry cleaners so I could document it (my fingers were flying. . . I was typing on my phone as fast as I could), but I really wish I had an audio recording. I wish there was a way to preserve the way Adam enunciated the word crunch. And the tone of Madey's voice when she kept saying, "Adam, that is not true!"

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