Missing: Updated

One of my greatest aggravations in life is when I lose something. It's far more than just the actual loss of the item; it's also a reflection of the state of affairs in my life. And that, at times, can be downright embarrassing. 

This is the running list that we keep inside of our pantry door:  

Steve loses things left and right, without ever giving them a second thought. Not me. I dwell upon lost items until I become somewhat deranged. I guess the silver lining is that most items are eventually located. (Please note that monetary rewards were recently added to the remaining items on the list.) 

Steve's yellow Patagonia jacket was missing for a very long time. We repeatedly searched the house, the garage, and even called around to see if it had been left at family members' houses. We finally decided it must have been lost somewhere in Alaska. And then it was eventually returned, after being in the trunk of someone's car for eight months. If I would have posted it on my blog (like I planned to, but just never got around to it), we would have found it much sooner. 

So here is my desperate attempt to locate some missing items that are making me lose my mind. 

My white Specialized bike helmet has been gone so long that Steve thinks I made it up in my head and that I never actually had one. But I did. And I'd really love to find it. 

Adam's red zippered hoodie from Old Navy is not at all valuable. But it's one of his very favorite jackets, and I really want to find it before we go to South Africa. Have you seen it?

I am thinking my green CamelBak water bottle probably got lost somewhere along our road trip to Alaska. And we do have a number of other CamelBak water bottles in our kitchen cupboard. But if you happen to know where it is, I really just want to be able to cross this one off my list. 

This book is usually kept on my nightstand and I can't find it anywhere, so I'm thinking I must have lent it out to someone. But after my not-so-patient display of mothering tonight, I clearly need it back.

Thanks for playing. And an even bigger thanks if you actually know where any of these items are.

P.S. Monetary rewards will be honored. And possibly doubled.

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