First Day of School 2013

I really should have taken a picture of the night before the first day of school. 

Rachel had three backpacks set out on the floor in the living room. She had three lunch boxes partially packed on the kitchen counter, along with a detailed note of what to get out of the fridge in the morning. And she had three bowls of cereal all ready to go, complete with three spoons and the box of cereal, all ready to pour. 

The kids slept in until 6:25 am. (That's an improvement, last year they were up by 6:00 am.) They were completely ready in less than twenty minutes. That left me a lot of time to take pictures. 

Which, due to the attack of the vine from the hanging flower basket, can no longer take place on our front porch: 

Here is our new fifth-grader, Rachel: 

The tallest fourth-grader ever, Lucy: 

And our very favorite first-grader, Adam: 

They are a cute bunch of kids. And yes, Lucy is taller than Rachel:

This picture on the bench looks a whole lot like their bench picture from last year:

Rachel unknowingly wore the exact same pair of grey All-Stars that she wore on the first day of school last year. . . they still look brand new.

It was good that Rachel didn't need new shoes because I spent about $40 on her binders. She has a total of eight different classes this year. There are five class periods per day and they have an A-Day schedule, a B-Day schedule, and then Music is on Mondays, Computers is on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and Art is on Wednesdays. . . or something  like that. 

Lucy took Adam to his classroom, and Rachel went off to find out about her locker. (She was on the list to switch from a low locker to a high locker because some kids aren't tall enough to reach the high lockers.) She ended up keeping her low locker, and then she went off to her homeroom class. Where she found out that she is not allowed to bring her backpack into her classes. . . so she really does have to use her locker. I think that's a lot for a fifth grader to figure out, but I guess she will just be that much more prepared for high school. 

I enjoyed a couple hours of childless freedom before Kaleigh was dropped off. I was delighted to spend some time with her. . . but had to postpone my first day of school debauchery until tomorrow. We spent most of our day helping Steve at his office. 

When we went to pick up the kids from school, Kaleigh was pretty excited to see her old friend from preschool, Season: 

And I was pretty excited to see smiles on all of these kids' faces: 

Rachel opened her locker just fine on her first try. She doesn't have any classes with Sophia, but she has two classes with Eliza. Lucy gets an "er" this year. (That's a locker without a lock. . . just in case you didn't know.) And even better. . . she gets to share it with her friend. Adam and his friend, Madey, are both in the Spanish immersion program. For two hours per day, they are only allowed to communicate in Spanish. 

I went to check in with his teacher to see how he did. She told me that he was talking when he wasn't supposed to, so she asked him to "clip down" on their behavior chart. He told her that he already had, (which wasn't true) so then he had to clip down twice. He was standing next to me and asked, "Did you tell me in Spanish? Maybe I just didn't understand you?"(Nice try. . . ) 

Lucy helped me make spaghetti for dinner while Rachel followed this Pioneer Woman recipe for Bruschetta. (Thanks to you, Aneesa.)

She had extra tomatoes and basil, so then she whipped up a little Caprese Salad, which is her favorite: 

Steve said that her incredible appetizers made my spaghetti taste "blah". Sad, but true. 

We drove down to Steve's office to unveil the renovation of Steve's office. Rachel helped paint on Friday night and Lucy helped paint on Saturday, so they were very excited to see how it turned out. 

Steve forgot to take a real "before" photo, so this picture is actually of the other side of the room. But it gives you a good idea of what it looked like: 

Desk & Shelves: $250
Office Chair: $70
Rug: $30
3 Cans of Wall Texture Spray: $50
2 Gallons of Paint for the walls and ceilings: $50
1 Gallon of Paint for the floor: $20
Total: $470

We had a Family Home Evening lesson on honesty and told the story of the "Boy Who Cried Wolf". I couldn't believe that they'd never heard that story before and, afterwards, I couldn't believe that we didn't think to dress up in costumes and act it out. . . because that could have been pretty awesome.

Now, let's hope things go as smoothly tomorrow!


Gloria said...

Office looks nice. It's great how you involve the whole family in your projects. So good for your family.

Aneesa Bee said...

So fun to see the school pics every year! And I bookmarked the bruschetta to make tomorrow :)