2013 Classic Race

In 2011, I attempted to run a 5K at The Classic Race with my friend, Sherry, and our daughters. Everyone else had a great time, but it didn't go so well for me. Today I gave it another go. 

The race has gotten a lot bigger over the last two years: 

They had a few booths and a bunch of big red balls to play with: 

Stan Bird was there too. Adam loves mascots: 

Sometimes I feel bad for the people inside of the costumes, but the boy just can't help himself: 

Madey was a little reluctant and had to be talked into posing for a picture: 

She also had to be talked into switching her shoes to the correct feet. 

Here's an iPhone picture of Steve, me, Sherry, Rachel, and Sophia, just before starting the 5K race:

And here are the blurry pictures I took while running backwards before Sherry told me not to trip and fall: 

We all finished the race, without incident. (Thank goodness.)

These two girls are getting too old. Look at this photo below and then look at their pictures from the race in 2011. I can't believe how little they looked.

After their race, Rachel and Sophia took turns getting massages:

And then it was time to get ready for the Kids K. (And just in case you were wondering, Adam has to tuck in his shirt for school, so now he thinks he should always tuck in his shirt.)

Adam and Madelyn are so funny to watch. I asked Adam if he was excited for the race, and he told me, "Yeah. Except that I don't really like to sweat."

On your mark, get set, GO!

Lucy had to wait for everyone else to run in front of her. . . so nobody would bump into her hula hoop:

(Lucy hula hooped at our stake 5K last week. It took her almost an hour, and she was the very last person to cross the finish line. So we figured she ought to stick with the Kids K race this time.)

Madey is a good little runner. (And yes, that is Fred Philpot in the background. The Philpots were at the race with their three little boys. And that reminds me. . . I've had a couple people tell me that Sophia Traher looks like she could be your daughter, Audrey.)

This is Adam telling Steve, "This isn't actually very fun."

We finally spotted Lucy at the back of the pack:

She was still hula hooping, like a champ:

Here's Jeremy Holt (in red) running towards the finish line with his oldest son. You can see Steve and Adam, behind number 297. They were moving along very slowly: 

But as soon as Adam spotted that finish line, he sped ahead:

And crossed at full speed:

Here is Jeremy Holt again. This time with his wife, Kelly, and their second son: 

We are still trying to talk the Holts and the Philpots into moving to Ogden.

"Where is that hula hooper?" I started hearing people ask. Okay, it was actually just one person. We finally spotted her: 

With all of the niche races these days, Lucy is hoping someone will start a hula hooping race. 

This tiny girl was definitely the smallest runner of the day. (She was one of the few kids who crossed the finish line after Lucy.) 

Big thanks to Sherry, who continually encourages me to be a runner. (She even went to the gas station this morning before the race and bought me Pepto-Bismol!) 

And big thanks to Steve, who finally agreed to run a race with me: 

It's been a long, rough week. But today was a good day!

Here's what I posted on Facebook: 

Today was a BIG day. (And not just because Steve ran his very first race.) Today marks one full year since my last surgery. That means I finally made it an entire 365 days without any poking and prodding, without any surgeons cutting me open, without being hooked up to beeping machines, without wearing any hospital gowns, without any catheters, without an NG tube, without any vomiting, without any epidurals, without any infections, without a wound vac, without any questions about my pain on a scale of one to ten, without dragging an IV around with me to the bathroom, without heparin shots, blood draws, or prescription pain medications. Hurray!!!

Hurray. Especially because we haven't had health insurance for the last ten months. We are crossing our fingers that we can survive until January 2014, when we can get coverage through the Marketplace. Go Obamacare!


Gloria said...

Fun family activity! Good for you all!

@udj said...

Woohoo! We made the famous mleballard blog as did the Holts. I love the way you are documenting/journaling/sharing your life. I am going to hire you to write a biography on me someday.