Have I Ever Mentioned That I Love Ogden?

I was working on Friday morning when I received an invitation to Ogden's exhibit for International Park(ing) Day, spearheaded by fellow Junior Leaguer, Shalae Larsen:

So Steve and I decided to go down to 25th Street to check it out. They put this "park" together in a couple of hours for about a hundred bucks. The idea behind Park(ing) Day is to reclaim public space by transforming parking spaces into temporary parks for the day. There were quite a few people who came to eat lunch at the "park". 

Then we went to Lucky Slice Pizza for lunch. Have you been there? I love it. 

Back to work for a couple of hours, and then I went and picked up the kids (and a hamster) from school.

We hurried home, changed clothes, and went down to the Municpal Gardens Park for the XTERRA Kids Sprint: 

I asked Jeremy Holt if he had a Sharpie marker to draw race numbers on the girls' legs like the real athletes. . . so he went ahead and gave them real numbers: 

(They preserved them as best they could and even wore leggings to church yesterday so they could show them off at school today.)

Adam was super excited about the race because they give out real medals. 

The Kids Sprint doesn't attract a huge crowd. . . which is so strange to me. Because it's free.

Eliza and Rachel:

Silas and Oliver:


Sophia, Adam (and Ashton, on rollerblades):

Lucy came in towards the end. She stayed home from school with a bad cough, so she walked most of the race:

Here's the whole group, with their medals:

The younger kids darted off to the park, but I talked the older girls into posing for another picture.

But then I got frustrated with Lucy, who wouldn't stop pulling faces: 

So I kicked her out of this picture and gave her a quick lecture about how it's not fun for me to yell at everyone to look at the camera and try to get everyone to smile, especially when there are lots of other people around looking at my like I'm a crazy mom. (Because sometimes that's what it takes to get a good picture.) 

We stayed and played at the park, long after everyone else left, and then went home and waited for Steve to get home from work. 

We waited. . . and waited. 

We were planning to go to Snowbasin for some star (and moon) gazing with the Ogden Astronomy Club. 

But by the time Steve got home, changed his clothes, and we were all in the car, we realized that we weren't going to make it in time.

So Steve decided that we were going on a moonlit hike. Steve decided. The three kids unanimously voted against hiking (due to some reasons including, but not limited to, their fears of mountain lions, getting lost, getting lost and being eaten by a mountain lion, etc. . . I will further expound on all of that another day.) Steve told the kids that it wasn't a democracy and they had to go. So we went on a very short hike, sans the moon, which never made its appearance. 

We spent Saturday morning cleaning the house and finishing up the pears so we could go to the Harvest Moon Festival. 

There were lots and lots of great craft booths and activities, including a rock climbing wall, those spinning gyroscope rides, and more. And everything was free. 

Adam loved this booth, sponsored by Snowbasin and Burton snowboards: 

The kids were excited to check out the Park(ing) Day exhibit, which was left up for an extra day: 

And we spent a lot of our time at the Tumblebus, even though the older girls are technically too big for it. (I think they pretended to be helping the younger kids.)

And then, as if we hadn't had enough fun for one weekend, then it was time to go to our ward activity, the Neighborhood Olympics. There was a bounce house with slides, basketball, face painting, a bike rodeo and more. We stayed until dark.

Our school used to hold their carnival the same weekend as the XTERRA Games/Harvest Moon Festival. I'm so glad they changed the date because there is only so much you can fit in for one weekend. 

I thought I was going to go back down to 25th Street for a fun date with Steve, but it turns out that we are old. So instead, we went to Smith's to buy bread and milk. 

Add in the excitement of having a hamster for the weekend, finishing up pears, planning a Relief Society lesson, a Linger Longer after church, and that was still one busy weekend. I love Ogden!

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Great family weekend!