South Africa: Day 16 (Nahoon Beach)

We woke up and got to see Chandlers Guest House in the light. It was just like we remembered: 

Except they filled in the swimming pool with a putting green and added a bar: 

We waited quite a while for the cleaning ladies and were finally transferred to a larger room: 

The upstairs loft gave us plenty of space for the kids, but it was kind of strange to have that shower with translucent doors right in the middle of our room. 

Due to the craziness of Day 15, we decided to spend Day 16 doing some fun things with the kids. We started out at our very favorite place in all of East London, Nahoon Beach

The kids spotted this humongous stick within seconds of arriving. It provided hours of entertainment: 

But it also attracted the dogs. I wasn't excited about the dogs. Oh wait. . . I'm never excited about dogs. 

There were a whole lot of dogs, despite the sign that said, "No Dogs". 

Rachel would want me to include that there was also a sign that said "No Naked People".

Rachel and Lucy told me it was the perfect place to take some jumping pictures:

(The settings on my camera were off, so most of my pictures turned out underexposed.)

It was only about 70 degrees, but that didn't stop these kids from playing in the water: 

I took this picture of Kaleigh, Adam and Rachel: 

And Lucy immediately jumped out of the water and started yelling, "Wait for me! You can't take a picture without me!"

So. . . we took another one:

I took this shot of Rachel (she is wearing Kaleigh's rash guard):

And then she immediately said, "Annie pose!":

Nahoon Beach has miles and miles of uncrowded beaches. Everyone loved playing in the sand: 

Especially Kaleigh and Adam: 

It was great, except that I had to stay close and supervise. Because there was a homeless man sleeping in the bushes:

But with views like this, can you really blame him?

I asked Rachel to take a picture of me and Steve. I think I'd like to title this series:

"Why I Don't Have Very Many Pictures of Me and Steve"

Me: Not yet, Rachel. I'm not ready. 
Steve: I don't like pictures. 

Me: What's the matter Kaleigh? 
Kaleigh: Adam's not sharing the stick. 
Steve: Why are you holding the camera crooked? I don't like crooked pictures. 

Me: Smile, Steve. 
Steve: Hey, you aren't getting our feet in the picture. You can't point the camera up to the sky. 

Me: Adam, don't touch that dog. Kaleigh, no throwing sand. And Lucy, we're trying to take a picture!
Steve: Cheeeeese. 

Check it out, we finally got one:

I went for a run on the beach. And when I got back, Steve and the kids were hard at work, building a giant sand fort:  

At some point, Kaleigh became part of the sand fort: 

And at some point, I got a particle of dust (or maybe a piece of sand?) in my camera. So I ended up with gray dots on all of my pictures (as seen under Lucy's nose). 

The kids were playing really well together, so I talked Steve into going running with me. When we got back, Adam had smashed the sand fort and then there was a whole lot of crying. 

First, Kaleigh got sand in her eyes: 

Next up was Adam: 

So when Lucy got sand in her eyes and started crying, we decided it was time to go: 

We stopped for a late lunch at a new, modern restaurant called Sprouts: 

I ran in and ordered take-out while everyone else waited in the van. The server told me they only took cash, which was strange because I looked around and saw someone else paying with a credit card. I ordered, went to an ATM, and then went back to wait for the food. When he brought me the bill, I noticed a couple of things had been added on that I never ordered. . . so I'm pretty sure he told me I needed to pay in cash because he was trying to rip me off for a few extra bucks. Despite that issue and the food being slow, it was unexpectedly good. And I fell in love with Camembert cheese. 

Then we drove to pick up Erin Flowerday, who had just gotten home from school. Erin and Rachel have been sending emails back and forth to each other since 2011, when Stephen and Jacqui came to visit. They were very eager to meet each other in person:

We took the kids to Xtreme Valley, a new miniature golf course in Beacon Bay. Erin said that the place was very popular and everyone in East London was excited to have something to do other than go to the movies. 

We sent these three girls off by themselves:  

While Steve and I hung out with the littles. I was fully planning on letting them do their own thing. . . kind of like this:

But that was not okay with Steve. He takes things like miniature golf very seriously and said those kids needed to follow the rules: 

So they learned how to play miniature golf: 

We drove Erin home and then went to dinner at a restaurant called Pier 99. It was described to us as a Thai fusion restaurant. The kids were sooooo tired, and I wondered if we should have just picked up a pizza. 

But then we would have missed out on the music, performed live by the Indigo Girls. 

Not really the Indigo Girls. But Kaleigh did ask the singer if she was a boy or a girl. 

She stood up and clapped "Pravo, pravo!" after every song, so I'm hoping that made up for the awkwardness of her question. 

Kaleigh also asked everyone she saw if they were on a date. . . and if they were born in their mom's tummy. 

The curry was everyone's favorite: 

Everyone except for Adam. He stuck with his standard of french fries (which are called chips in South Africa). He ate french fries for dinner every single day. 

The sushi was voted best in East London, so I decided to give it a try. I ordered our server's recommendation, the Cashew Crunch:

This is what Kaleigh thought of it:

Our favorite part of dinner? These Italian mints. Which was funny. . . because we were at a Thai restaurant. 


Kayli said...

So many fun pictures! Like the one of Rachel in front of the sun, and the one of Kaleigh trying the sushi and this one is just so cute: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-sFLUtkBvs-A/UcYENMazZgI/AAAAAAAAXls/pgYI9kxfZUQ/s1600/IMG_1738.jpg

Gloria said...

After 16 days I almost feel like I have been there. You are so good at this travelog thing! Love it! It's the only way I get to see everything.