Cora and Ivy's Birthday Party

Otherwise known as the coolest one-year old birthday party ever

Kacie planned Cora and Ivy's party on our anniversary. So she made it super amazing to ensure that we would come. . . just kidding. But she definitely knows how to throw a party. 

Steve and I thought about going to the Tetons or Zion National Park for our anniversary. . . but with the government shutdown, that wouldn't have worked out anyway. And since Rachel and Lucy absolutely adore Cora and Ivy, they probably would have died if they would have missed the party. 

The weather was beautiful: 

I finally got to meet the surrogate mother, Lindsey: 

And the cupcakes were especially good: 

Here are the two grandpas:

A closer look at the cute couple:

And take a look at my sister's long, beautiful hair: 

It was an extra bonus for my kids that Nate and Andrea came to the party. My kids love all my Milligan cousins, but especially the younger ones that belong to Ron and Jodie. 

It's safe to say that all of the kids had a blast: 

But the highlight of every first birthday is the eating of the cake:

There were quite a few spectators. . . those two babies are mighty popular. 

 Ivy wasn't feeling very well, but she likes to eat, so the cake was still a hit:

Twin nieces are the best. We are so glad they are part of our family. 

One more. . . I think this is my favorite picture of the day: 

I can't wait to see what Kacie comes up with next year for their second birthday party. Just kidding. . . no pressure :)


Gloria said...

Fun! Great pictures of a great event.

Bud Peonia said...

omg...your twin babies are impossibly cute....love the cute cakes and cream they left on their cheeks..... babies... :D