Labor Day Sunday

Malouf Family Labor Day Weekend continued. . . 

After church, we took the kids to see the Provo Utah LDS Temple (and all of the missionaries). 

The temple grounds were beautiful:

A few months ago, I read an online article that said why you shouldn't crouch over when you are posing with kids. But I can't find it. And I must have been the only one who read it because I'm always the only one standing up: 

These are all iPhone pictures, if you can't tell.

After a late lunch, Rebecca took us to an orchard for family photos. She posted this picture on facebook: 

I can't wait to see how the others turned out!

My parents joined us for dinner at Rebecca's house, and then we were off to the movies. . . not a typical Sabbath activity (especially in Utah County.) But Rebecca's ex-husband, Tyler, owns a movie theater and generously hosted a private party for our family. 

Two movies and a few buckets of popcorn later, we drove back to Rebecca's house to sleep for the night. . . everyone else slept over at the movie theater! My germaphobe daughter didn't have a problem with missing out on the movie theater sleepover and the other two were too tired to care. I have a phobia of going to bed without taking a shower. . . is there a name for that? And we got to sleep outside on Rebecca's covered back porch and listen to the rain. (Which reminded us how much we miss the metal roof on our Nibley house.)  

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