Last Monday

Last Monday, we drove to Park City to play with my cousin, Natalie, and her family. 

The kids were dying to go swimming in the hotel's pool, but we forced them to get out and enjoy the fall colors. They weren't interested in a trail hike (probably because my kids are still scarred from the time we got lost on the Indian Trail). So we went to the Park City Scarecrow Walk at McPolin Farm

It was perfect. The kids ran along the path to see the creatively decorated scarecrows, against a dramatic backdrop of vibrantly colored trees: 

Here's Dorothy and Toto: 


Dr. Scare: 

Scarecrow Wipeout: 

Jack Skellington & Zero: 

The kids loved posing by the fun scarecrows: 

Okay, not just the kids. . . Ryan too. (They are posing with Nancy Scarrigan.) 

If I would have had my camera out fast enough, I could have caught a picture of one of Natalie's boys checking out putting his face in these pumpkins: 


Look at all three of these pictures, and the photos appear as if she is looking at you with her shifty eyes: 


She's a bit of a temptress. Probably a scorpio too. 

Here are the boys with Gru from Despicable Me: 

And here are the girls with Miss Piggy: 

There was also some tree-climbing: 

Some tree-jumping: 

Michael and Lucy spent half the night pretending to be hillbillies. Because we were at a farm maybe?

We walked back to our cars: 

And saw one last scarecrow: 

It was pretty funny when Steve walked away and left Adam hanging there for a few seconds:

Rachel and Annie gave us an "Annie Pose": 

Rachel gave me her "I'm sick of taking pictures pose": 


And that was my cue to put away my camera. 

Dinner at Vinto. Swimming at the hotel pool. And then we drove home.


Natalie B. said...

I was going to do a similar post today, but you have way better pics I think! I crack up when I see Lucy and MIchael being hillbillies. I miss those beautiful mountains! I think I might have to move to Park City. Thanks again for the fun times.

@udj said...

I want to copy this family outing/adventure/. Looks like it was a fun fall activity.