Marriage Counsel from my Grandpa

Twelve years ago, Steve and I were married in the Logan Utah LDS Temple. By my grandpa. It was a white wedding. I was 19 years old, and Steve was 22.

I feel lucky to have made such a good decision at such a young age. I also feel lucky that we were sealed by my grandpa. And I feel especially lucky that he gave us a typed and signed document from our wedding ceremony, so we can remember and reference the words that were spoken on that special day.

My grandpa is good at lots of things, including giving advice. So I'm going to share some of his marriage counsel here.

Steve and Emily, your marriage today will instantly initiate many CHOICES, OPPORTUNITIES, AND CHALLENGES. Coming from independent backgrounds you have many DIFFERENCES which can either be STEPPING STONES TO PROGRESS - - or STUMBLING BLOCKS to SOMETHING LESS DESIRABLE!

The skill to solve all differences is vital to your happiness!

It would be nice if there were a MAGIC PILL for this purpose! But there is none! But I do have a MAGIC FORMULA for you! It is spelled H A R M O N Y! IF YOU HAVE HARMONY - - PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, SPIRITUALLY - - in your marriage, you can meet ever challenge and solve every difference.

You will have many opportunities to test your talents - - let us review a few of them:
ATTITUDE - - Determines ALTITUDE! Be focused on SUCCEEDING!
HARMONY - - Cornerstone of a good marriage! 50/50 is good - - 100% is better!
Forget the pronoun "I" - - From now on it is "WE" in everything you do!
TEAMWORK! Help each other!
COMMUNICATION - - Keep the channels open at ALL TIMES!
Be KIND, GENTLE, and PATIENT! The dividends are great!
FINANCES! YOU MANAGE THEM! Shun debt! Let Parents help?!!
GUARD BEAUTIES OF BODY: Nutrition, Hygiene
PHYSICAL INTIMACY - - Sacred to you alone! Keep on a high plane!
PARENTHOOD - - Anticipate, Appreciate, Magnify
STAY CLOSE TO HEAVENLY FATHER - - Prayer, Temple Activity
DEDICATION - - Constant daily attention to all the above!

. . . . .

Today, we had lunch with my 98-year old grandpa:

Sometimes he can be quiet and prefers short visits. But when Steve is with me, he brightens up and can hardly stop talking: 

He wanted to tell Steve all about his walking stick, made from a Corkscrew Willow tree:

But Steve was far more interested in the toothpaste box contraption he made to hold his telephone on the side of his wheelchair:

I sure love my grandpa!

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