Sundance Resort

I feel so far behind and completely unorganized with my blogposts. I probably need to stay home and quit taking pictures so I can catch up on things. This post is Part 2 of our Malouf Labor Day Weekend. 

After our adventure at Bridal Veil Falls, we went to Sundance Resort. We had been keeping an eye on the weather forecast and were thankful for sunshine:  

Our Malouf Family Labor Day Weekends used to feel like an extension of summer. But this year, it definitely felt like a welcome to fall: 

The chair lift was temporarily closed due to wind, so we played in the field at the bottom of the lift while we waited for it to re-open. 

Everyone rode the lift except for Steve and Lucy. Steve said he would rather spend his twelve bucks on more food at dinner, and Lucy didn't want to put on her shoes. 

Rebecca, Sydney, and Talmage were on the first chair. 

Rachel and India were on the next one: 

I rode with Fred, Adam, and Finn. 

And then Sam and Kacie rode up with the twins: 

There are some really steep areas, and I was actually a little nervous supervising those three boys. They kept inching closer and closer to the restraining bar, and I kept telling them to scootch back. It didn't help that they kept talking about where they could jump from and survive. . . and where they wouldn't.

You can tell that the lift is steep because of the proximity of Rachel and India's chair lift above us in this picture. And yes, Rachel and India traded positions mid-ride. That made me nervous too. I am starting to sound like an old lady. . .

I was so eager to get off at the top of Ray's Summit to have a break from feeling so uptight, but then Rebecca and kids just stayed on the chairlift. So then Rachel and India stayed on:

And then I figured I had to stay on too. Roundtrip with no break in between made for a long ride. But I am proud to say that nobody fell off. Adam only littered once. And I don't think the boys even noticed the bras hanging from one of the trees. 

Next up was dinner at Foundry Grill

We were a little worried about taking ten kids to a fancy restaurant, but Steve always comes prepared:

Everything was exceptionally good, and our server went out of his way to cater to all of those kids.

After we finished eating, Steve sent me outside with the kids while he paid the bill.

Talmage and the other boys played with this beautiful Golden Retriever:

Rachel showed everyone her hula hooping skills:

And Steve accidentally double-tipped our server. I should probably be in charge of leaving tips in the future. . . 

We went to Rebecca's house and set up our tent in her backyard.  

And Talmage taught Adam how to play chess: 

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