Tibble Fork Reservoir

On Labor Day, we went to Tibble Fork Reservoir, as recommended by my friend, Audrey: 

Tibble Fork Reservoir is located about eight miles up American Fork Canyon. It was busy, as predicted. But the water was beautiful, and it worked out perfectly.

We were the first ones to the reservoir, so Steve spent some time out on the boats with just our kids: 

Rachel was so excited to take our new kayak on its maiden voyage. She has some good kayaking skills: 

Steve even got my mom out on the canoe, but I think that must have been when I took Adam for a little hike to the other side of the reservoir because I don't have any pictures to document it.

Lucy was thrilled to go out on the kayak by herself: 

Tibble Fork is a great size for kids. The only issue was all of the people fishing. . . and a few of them were a little ornery. One boy cast his line out and hit the tip of the kayak. Lucy tried to get it untangled and ended up flipping over. Instead of acting the least bit concerned or making any effort to help her, the boy's dad just stood there and shook his head, like he was so bothered. She should have just cut his line. 

The rest of the crew finally met up with us: 

This is everyone except for Steve, Rachel, and Fred, who were out on the canoe:

I loved seeing Steve canoeing with his nieces and nephews. . . because I was lucky enough to grow up with two fantastic uncles who included me on many canoeing activities when I was a kid. 

Adam and Talmage were quite the team: 

They worked together for a good hour or two, building some serious dams out of rocks: 

Actually, all four of these kids participated, but Adam and Talmage were the most dedicated: 

India and Rachel were running around in the wind with their towel capes: 

They stopped to pose for a picture. . . and my dad hurried over to walk into the background: 

I said something about photobombing, but he was unfamiliar with that term. I explained it to him, and he thought it was pretty funny:  

It was super windy, so I figured it might be a good time to try out the giant bubble maker that I bought from my friend's Etsy shop: 

It wasn't working out too well, so Sam tried blowing some bubbles:

I'm thinking I might need a bubble lesson because we weren't very successful. 

If you scroll down on this post, you can see my friend's kids making awesome bubbles that put mine to shame.

Meanwhile, Rebecca was coloring the kids' hair with some sort of hair chalk. Adam took this picture of Fred with my iPhone: 

And then he went ahead and took this selfie: 

They were clearly thrilled with themselves.

We stayed at the reservoir until we were out of food and water.  

Steve has been telling me for years that we couldn't get a canoe until I was strong enough to help him carry it. But look. . . he didn't even need my help: 

The End


byoung said...


I am so sad the bubbles didn't work for you. Here are a few tips, dip the wand and hold the string together while you slowly bring it out of the bubbles, then open up the string and hold it up, if its windy or walk backwards if its not-
hope that helps, looks like you guys had an awesome get together!

Rebecca said...

Fun pics! I would comment more if you didn't have that stupid word verification step!