Halloween 2013

This Halloween was rather unusual in that the kids only dressed up twice. Well, they only officially dressed up twice. Our first Halloween party wasn't until October 30th, so that gave the girls all month to try out different costumes and change their minds about what they were going to be. Over and over again. 

Lucy really wanted to be Miss Hannigan. She practices on a regular basis, staggering around the house with an empty wine glass, singing "Little girls, little girls, everywhere I turn I can see them." (Like Carol Burnett in the movie, Annie.)

But Steve vetoed. 

A few days later, we were at DownEast, and the girls fell in love with a popcorn and french fries costume. They were rather strange, but the girls thought they were hysterical. I had a gift card and decided it would be better than Miss Hannigan. 

Then Lucy decided she really wanted to be Napoleon Dynamite. My mom gave the girls P.H.S. Physical Education t shirts last time they went to Idaho, we already have some boots, and I found a wig on amazon for only $8. I couldn't talk Rachel into being Kip, but she agreed to be Deb. But then the wig came, and the model on the package looked just like Rachel. We convinced her to try out the Napoleon costume, and she was the perfect Napoleon. Except that she didn't want to be Napoleon, and the whole plan unraveled. 

Then Rachel decided she wanted to be a chef. And then she decided she would be a Blimpie's sandwich maker. (All of these ideas were inspired by things we had around the house. . . I returned the other costumes to DownEast.) I honestly can't remember all of the other costume ideas we went through, but it seemed like the girls came up with a new plan every day. This is Eliza the horse, Rachel the princess, and Lucy the flight attendant: 

Which is how we ended up with this picture: 

Rachel was still distraught about what she was going to be. . . until I came across the Bride of Frankenstein costume I bought on clearance last year after Halloween. She loved it. Lucy was excited about being the Mad Scientist, and we were good to go. 

We found out fairly late in the game that we were going to have Mykaeleigh on Halloween. I looked for a black cat costume to go along with Bride of Frankenstein and the Mad Scientist, but instead, I bought these great pirate costumes at Costco:

Here are all four kids, ready to go to the Halloween party at Evergreen Montessori Academy: 

On Halloween, we went to the 3rd Annual Jefferson Avenue Halloween Parade, hosted by the Looslis: 

Look at all of those kids!!!

You can see how the parade has increased in numbers by checking out these posts that show the first parade in 2011 and the second parade in 2012

When we moved here six year ago, Chip and Tamara Anderson introduced themselves to us as the only other family with kids. (Their two children are quite a bit older; Sheyne is now a freshman in college.) I think Jared and Mindy Allen were the next to move in with their two kids. Tyler and Jessica Hollon restored the house on the corner and had a kid. Then, despite the warning from their realtor, Jared and Saren Loosli bought the house down the street, with their five kids. Paul and Sherry Traher bought a house a few blocks down. (But they are still on Jefferson, so we've adopted them as part of the neighborhood with their four kids.) At some point, we discovered Kent and Stacey Frampton down the street with their two kids. Matt and Angela Choberka bought the house next door to the Looslis, adding two more kids. We met Lavidia France, who lives in the town homes with her four kids. Miguel and Courtney Aguilar moved in across the street and had two kids. The Van Vliets bought the house next to the Art Center with their three kids. At the end of the summer, The Petersons bought the mansion down the street, adding two more kids (and the third set of twins). And last Sunday, we met the family who just moved into the Belle House next door. With four more kids. 

That's a whole lot of kids. And we couldn't be happier about the transformation that has taken place in our neighborhood. 

There are still a few houses left on our street, and I am always trying to recruit people to join our neighborhood. . . anyone, anyone?

Hmmm. . . maybe the Phipps? 

Next year I want to get some video footage of the parade. Pictures are great, but they just don't capture everything.

Then it was back to the Loosli's house for a bowl of Saren's Black Bean Soup:

I forgot to add something important. . . someone offered to manage the restaurant on Halloween, so Steve was able to join us. That's a pretty big deal and came as a very pleasant surprise. The only other Halloween that Steve has ever taken off was in 2010. (That was back when I was at my peak of being sick and was in desperate need of help with all four kids.) 

It was fun to have Steve help with the kids and I even talked him into dressing up. People always tell him that he looks like The Governor from The Walking Dead, so he figured that would be the easiest costume to pull off. 

It might have helped if he had a machine gun, but most people didn't know who he was. (Probably because most people don't watch Walking Dead. . . we don't.) But those who do sure got a kick out of his costume. Someone from our old ward posted this on Facebook: 

What about my costume? I was a horse. Of course. 

After the neighborhood party, we went trick or treating around Watermelon Park, visited Evelyn Zundel, and called it a night. 

The next morning was a little rough, and I'm glad that next year's Halloween will be on a Friday. 

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