School Pictures

Growing up in Kansas, there were four frames hanging on the wall in our living room. Every year, we had pictures taken at school. And every year, our new picture went into the frame above our couch. Every single year. 

I don't buy school pictures. Partly because I've always had some kids in school and some kids out of school, so hanging them up wouldn't work out. (Because I like things to match.) Partly because it adds up to a lot of money, just to end up putting them into drawer or folder. (That's where all of our Kiddie Kandids photos are.) Partly because Rachel always ends up closing her eyes. (For the original picture day and again at retakes.) And partly because in this age of digital cameras, we take hundreds (and yes. . . thousands) of pictures of our kids throughout the year anyway. 

This year, Lifetouch offered an option to buy digital versions of the photos, which is all I've ever really wanted. (And just the digital version, not as an add-on to a package.) I looked around online and came across a promo code for $10 off. So I finally decided to order digital versions of the kids' school pictures, which were taken back in September.

Rachel was so excited about her picture. (Which is actually what prompted all of this.) Her eyes are open, and she is really smiling.  And she even did her own hair:

Lucy is usually our most photogenic child. She wasn't impressed with this one, but I still think it's great:

And here's my boy. My well-behaved, has-finally-figured-out-all-of-the-rules-at-school, and doesn't-call-me-every-day-after-lunch-anymore boy:

I suddenly love school pictures. I love the way they capture and freeze a moment in time, a moment that will later be gone forever and impossible to reproduce. I love the way they are taken with plain backgrounds and no distractions, focusing on the subject. I love the way the photos are framed exactly the same way, allowing us to  scroll through them on iPhoto and see the resemblances and differences in the kids' facial features. I love how they are taken once a year, every year, measuring growth and providing a standard for comparison. 

And now I wish I would have started ordering school pictures five years ago. 


Mindy said...

I think they all turned out great! I do the four framed school pictures above my couch in the living room as well. They cost an insane amount, but there's something about having that cheesy school picture that I adore. I've been doing it with all my kids for years.

Gloria said...

Great pictures!

Natalie B. said...

I love them for those reasons too...and I just bring my little ones that are not old enough yet to the school and they will always let you just squeeze them in anywhere I have lived. However, last year, they lost my little girls pictures and I am still sad about it. I never get the "Spring" pictures where they actually develop them and send them home and make you feel like a terrible parent for not buying any. My kids say, "Don't you want a laminated book mark of me?" I remember those pictures above your couch!

Rachel said...

My mom has a 5x7 framed of me and each of my brothers from every year of our school pictures in her basement. I think that created a real sense of nostalgia in me for school pictures, so I have bought them every year. But then we moved to Georgia, where the cheapest package is $35 and includes 4 wallets and a 4x6. I was use to spending about $25 for the 1 8x10, 2 5x7, 8 wallets package. That package is $50 here. I just couldn't fork out that kind of money, especially times 3. So after much hemming and hawing about the situation, I ended up taking them all to JC Pennys for a recreation of their school pictures. We've done this twice now -- last year and this year. They dress in the same clothes they did on picture day, since that is the picture that will be in the yearbook. And I have the photographer just do a headshot. And great thing is we just take pics until we get one I LOVE, and then we move on to the next kid. Genius. The sheets are $3, and I always have coupons for $10 off and a free sheet, so this year I got every kids school picture and Cal's 18-month pics and walked out spending like $60.

Anyway, enough about me. The kids pictures look great. So nice they gave you a digital option.

Hope all is going well.

Rebecca said...

I love school pictures too! I have started putting my kids' school pictures in small Christmas Ornament frames and hanging them on the tree so even though I don't do the couch thing, I still have a little tradition with them.