The Fourth of July. . . Because Everything on This Blog is Completely Out of Order Anyway

Part of me is glad that my friend, Saren, talked me into skipping forward with my blog to write about current happenings. And part of me has a really hard time with things being out of order. 

After I wrote about Halloween, I realized I never wrote about the Fourth of July. Any since everything is out of order already, why not jump back to July? So here it is. 

We intentionally missed our stake's children's bike parade, flag raising ceremony, and pancake breakfast. . . because we really just wanted to sleep in. (We were still recovering from our trip/trying to catch up on life.)

We were feeling like we had missed out on "summer" and wanted to spend the day at Pineview Reservoir:

So did the rest of Ogden. 

Seriously. . . all of the parking lots were full, and there were cars parked up and down the roads. 

Sherry and her family had gone up before us, so we met up with them: 

The girls swam clear out to the buoys, but Adam and Madey stayed close to shore: 

And Sherry's twins played in the sand: 

It was windy and started to look like it was going to rain, so we got everyone out of the water. 

And figured we'd go home before we got rained on. 

Of course, as soon as we drove away, the sky looked beautiful again. 

But it turned out that we had just enough time to shower and get cleaned up before it was time to take down the flags. It is supposed to be a Scout fundraiser, but sometimes the Scouts forget to show up.

I thought it was the perfect Independence Day activity, so I was happy to participate.

And by participate, I mean that I was the driver (and the photographer).

Then we hurried over to the baseball field, where we met up with the Philpots and the Trahers for our first Raptors game of the season. It was nothing short of phenomenal that we pulled that off because Fred, Audrey, and Sherry all come from big families. . . and the Fourth of July is a holiday. But I guess nobody could settle on plans, so a baseball game seemed like the way to go. 

It was nice and relaxing. . . possibly because we didn't have Mykaeleigh with us. 

I love watching the kids excitedly ask for autographs after the game: 

And I love how willing the baseball players are to sign their names for all of their adoring fans: 

 We love Ogden Raptors baseball!

Swimming at the lake, collecting flags, a baseball game, and then we watched fireworks in the stadium. I think we had ourselves the perfect little Fourth of July.

. . . . .

P.S. I should document this noteworthy conversation, as it took place when I was trying to set up plans for the Fourth of July.

Me: 4th of July?? Are we getting together? Or no?

Angela Ballard: Once we know when Angela is coming (dates) we could plan to go to Lagoon on the first day and then we could bounce back! Good idea? (Ironic, since Angela Ballard is the pregnant lady who didn't end up going to Lagoon at all. . . but that's not the point, so I will continue.)

Me:  Did you just call Angie Wirick Angela? I thought that I was the only one who broke the rules. . .

Angela Ballard: I try to always call her Angela. She doesn't care for Angie either.

Me: Whoa. #1 I never knew that you called her Angela. #2 Either? As in it's more than just keeping you two straight, you actually don't like being called Angie. . . ?

Angela Ballard: I thought you knew all that and just chose to do it your way. I never have liked being called Angie. And she doesn't really either. Once when I first joined the family she said she would go by Angie to help. . . It is what it is ;)

Me: So you thought I was intentionally calling you both names you didn't like??? It was just a year ago that I found out that you prefer Angela because that's what people at work call you. I'll try to switch :)

Angela Wirick: Angela and I always call each other Angela :). I think the Angela Ballard and Angie Wirick thing was my dad's rule. I answer to Angela Wirick, Angela Ballard, Angie Ballard, or Angie Wirick. It is all way too confusing. Also. Tyler just calls me Ballard and my friend Kierste only calls me Ang. This is an identity crisis for sure.

Me: I had no idea. I will try to switch to Angela for both of you. Steve calls you both Angie all of the time. . . so that's where I got it.

I told Steve that both his sister and sister-in-law preferred the name Angela. He just laughed and said something about Angie being a way better name, so that's what he was going to stick with. So apparently, he is going to intentionally call them by names they don't like. I am doing my best to use the name Angela for both Angies, but it's not easy after 12 years. Add that to the Kaleigh/Mykaeleigh switch, and I am dealing with some serious first world name problems.


Angela said...

I feel as an Angela it is my duty to comment on this post. I am shocked! Angie and Angela are like two completely different names. If someone calls me Angie I purposely don't respond to make a point. Yes, I'm rude like that! But to be honest (and not to offend) I don't like the name Angie or Angela that much.

emily ballard said...

This is funny. I have ALWAYS thought of you only as an Angela.

Karen said...

I call Angela my sister Angie or Ang and I try to call Angela Hall Ballard Angela but sometimes I call her Angie on accident. I also have a sister-in-law Angie on Tyson's side so my kids will have three aunt Angela/Angie/Ang's.