Alaska Trip 2012: The Book

I finished Steve's Christmas present last night: 

I'm calling it that because when you spend that much time on something, you might as well count it as a gift. (And don't worry, he's way too busy these days to read my blog, so he won't see this.) But in all seriousness, Steve loves the MyPublisher books that I've made. Possibly even more than I do. He doesn't like the idea of taking thousands and thousands of photos, just to have them stored on a hard drive. (Especially when I accuse him of losing them . . . ) He is a big proponent of photos in the tangible form. MyPublisher books work for us. 

I was amazed as I sorted through all of the pictures from our Alaska trip. . . we crammed a whole lot of adventure into one month. And now the memories are properly documented!


@udj said...

Oh wow, what amazing memories. Good Job on the Book! And the Blog! You are the best family historian.

Gloria said...

Excellent pictures! Love the book.

Keicha Christiansen said...

Aren't photo books the best? I too think photos in tangible form are important. I make a photo book every Christmas for Gillian documenting the year. I've also made them to document vacations and other important life events.

Yours is gorgeous. Nice pictures, and good work at capturing the memories.