Thanksgiving Trip Day 5: Back to the Visitors' Center and the Drive Home

We spent Saturday back at the Mesa Arizona Temple Visitors' Center. 

Well, first I took some picture of Richard and Gloria. The lighting wasn't great, but I did my best. 

I really love this Book of Mormon display:

It is so very interesting to see the different sizes and thicknesses of the books in each of the different languages. 

Rachel is holding one in Africaans and one in Xhosa:

I should probably order some. . . 

Did you know that the original Christus was completed in 1838 and is located in the Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen, Denmark? The Christus was not well known outside of Denmark until 1896, when an American textbook writer wrote that the statue of the resurrected Christ was "considered the most perfect statue of Christ in the world."

Images and replicas of the statue were adopted by the leaders of the LDS Church to emphasize the centrality of Jesus Christ to their beliefs and teachings. 

Replicas are now located in Temple Square and at visitors' centers in New Zealand, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Mesa, Mexico City, Nauvoo, Illinois, Oakland, California, Palmyra, New York, Portland, St. George, Washington, D.C. the Hill Cumorah, and in Independence, Missouri. 

A full-size replica of the Christus is also located in The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. 

A bronze version can be seen at the Oakwood Cemetery in Huntsville, Texas in a family plot as a memorial. 

In 2009, a six-foot Christus replica was built out of 30,000 white Lego pieces by parishioners of a Swedish Protestant church in Vasteras. 

(All of that information is from Wikipedia.)

Gloria told us that a young man had proposed to his girlfriend at the foot of the Christus a few days earlier. . . it turned into a bit of a production and there was a large group of Scouts who ended up watching the whole thing. I'm sure that was interesting. 

The reason we went back to the Visitors' Center was so we could watch Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration

The hour-long video can be seen on YouTube through the Mormon Channel. And since Monday, December 23, is the 208th anniversary of Joseph Smith Jr.'s birth, watching the video production could make for a great Family Home Evening activity.

Adam lost interest about halfway through the movie. He turned to me and asked me if I would pull out his tooth. So I did. And then it bled. And then he lost the tooth. So then we searched for it on the ground. . . Maybe we should re-watch the movie for FHE.

Goodbye, Mesa Arizona Temple: 

And then goodbye, Arizona. 

Twelve hours later, we were home. To the cleanest house ever. 

I have good friends. Or as Kaylynn Nunn would say, they are quality friends. 

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Natalie B. said...

Good idea for FHE, and I love that Kaitlynn is your quality friends…since I knew her in HS!