Medical Update

I do not have a hernia. 

(I do have very mild diastasis recti, so that's probably what the first doctor felt and thought was a hernia.)

I do not have an abscess, a cyst, a tumor, or anything else that showed up on the CT scan. 

(I do have some sort of abdominal mass, but it isn't bothering me much anymore. I would bet that it's intestinal, but the surgeon thinks because of its proximity to my incision, it must be related to my previous surgeries. He believes it might be a hematoma or some scar tissue or some sort of injury to the muscle in there. Apparently, strange things can happen when they've cut you open three times in the same spot.)

I do not know what was causing my problems, but I am feeling better. 

(I can bend over, lift things, and move around without any pain. My night sweats are gone, my hair is not falling out, and I am emotionally stable again.)

I do not understand why my body is so messed up, but I am thankful for family and friends who take care of me and pray for me when I am in need of help. 

(The diagnostic report did list some other incidental anatomical variants that may explain some of the other random symptoms I've been having. But I am going to stay away from Google and catch up on some other things instead.)

I will, apparently, have intestinal issues for the rest of my life. But I do not need surgery!

And . . . I am going to Hawaii!

P.S. Steve is convinced that my problem was caused by an injury and that any extreme physical activity, such as going to spin class or running a marathon, will cause another problem. Because I am trying to hearken unto the counsel of my husband, I will not be going to spin class or running a marathon anytime in the foreseeable future.

P.P.S. Steve also wants me to convert to an all-liquid diet. . . That's not going to happen. 


Natalie B. said...

Hurray for no tumor. Great news! Boo for a liquid diet? WHAT? He IS probably right that it would be good for you to rest a bit, nothing too extreme. You are always going 90 miles an hour. I don't know what is up with my body, but that is why i haven't been running much. Every time I do something too extreme I get sick. Maybe we can be the walking yoga girls or something. Sorry for your bad intestines. That sucks. :( Just glad you are doing better.

Kayli said...

I'm glad things are looking better. And YAY for Hawaii!!

Jaynee said...

Your husband tells you not to workout... my husband tells me to workout (because when I don't I'm a raving lunatic). We may need to switch husbands because your husband speaks my language. ;)