My Top 10 Favorite Valentines

My kids don't have school tomorrow, so we aren't making any valentines this year. As much as I will enjoy not staying up till one in the morning with hot glue, markers, and ribbon strewn all over the kitchen table, it feels a little strange. It's even stranger to think that the bulk of my valentine-making days are over. 

Some of these are tedious and require way too much cutting (like the Superhero Valentines). But some are super quick and easy (the Bouncy Ball and I Mustache You a Question Valentines). Almost all of these include printable templates and can be put together the night before. 

I Mustache You a Question Valentine

iPod Valentines

Paint Sample Valentine Bookmarks (Judge if you want. This happens to be the all-time most popular post on my blog.)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Natalie B. said...

I will be pinning this post for next year. My fanciest ones I have done were iPod ones one year, and the ones I did were really time consuming. This year it is ring pops from Walmart! Thanks for the good ideas!