Saturday Afternoon


in between the business of the Klondike winter campout with the Scouts, painting at the Union Station with the Junior League, Saturday morning chores, a visit from my parents, an impromptu piano/ukelele concert, cleaning up Rachel's school project on Alaska which was repeatedly strewn about the house, making valentines for the Veterans Home, driving back to the valley to find things left at the Klondike, forgetting to take dinner to a friend who recently had a baby, and going to a movie with the kids

this happened.

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Keicha Christiansen said...

That looks a lot like my Saturday, except I didn't do anything all day to make me so slothful.

On another note, I saw you across the room on Friday night but didn't make it over to say hi. Congrats to Steve (and you because I know he wouldn't be as successful without your support) on his award.