Today (January 21)

Sometimes I write things, but never post them. . . this is from January 21.

Today was not as exciting as tomorrow will be, but it should still be documented.

I had a list of things to do about a mile long.

But I checked my kids out of school and took them to lunch at Tona.

Rachel and I both had birthday coupons, so we went all out and ordered Japanese Ramune sodas: 

This made everyone very happy, especially Adam:

We also ordered the Garlic Edamame: 

Rachel and Lucy ordered bento boxes with Teriyaki Chicken: 

And I ordered my favorite, the Coconut Crunch:

We went to Costco and stocked up on everything you could ever imagine. The kids were so hyper I thought I was going to lose my mind. 

I went and looked at a house that I thought I was going to love, but ultimately realized how much I like mine. 

I finished the rest of my errands: post office, bank, dry cleaner, gas station, etc. 

I started making eight batches of Baked Chicken Crescents, and all three kids begged to help. I figured I could do it faster without them, but then they took over, set up an assembly line, and finished them without me: 

I watched those three kids, working together, and wondered how I was going to survive ten days without them. 

I went to a Junior League meeting, but left early after receiving a text from Steve about three guys in a U-Haul who backed into our fence and then drove away: 

Steve called the police and chased them down. 

Now I am finally ready for bed (after a very late night of packing and cleaning). I have visions of sitting on the beach in Hawaii dancing through my head. . . but ten days? What were we thinking?!?

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Kayli said...

I got distracted looking at pictures of that house--what was that fridge?? like, QUADRUPLE size? Or maybe it was just a funky picture. Anyway, it makes me drool over here with my Swiss (peanut) sized fridge.

I love that your kids did the chicken rolls- cooking is something that I usually do NOT want help with but feel like I should be teaching my kids more of.

I hope Hawaii was FANTASTIC!