Lady Hue

On Sunday, my mother pleaded with me to please post on blog. "It doesn't have to be a National Geographic report, just something."

So here is something.

Last night, I had about a dozen things that I really needed to do. Important things including tasks for Relief Society, Sonora Grill, Junior League, taxes. . . and on and on.

But instead, I went onto Lady Hue's website. And spent two hours looking at her art. (And then another hour or so thinking about it.)

My friend, Janelle, introduced me to Lady Hue's paintings a few weeks ago. And I fell in love with them. I find myself thinking of her images throughout my day. I've even thought up images I would like to have her paint.

This is completely unusual because I am not the least bit artistic. I like straight lines. I have no rhythm. I see things in black and white. I am completely left-brained. I am factual, pragmatic, analytical, unimaginative. The art teacher at my high school kept my projects as examples of what not to do. I have to force myself to watch plays and go to art museums.

But her art is different. It speaks to my soul. I feel like she has captured moments of my life. . . the parts that there are no photographs of. And when I look at her art, I feel a closeness to God.

Here are some of my favorites.

understanding a small mystery/understanding a large mystery:

leaning towards change:

 a majestic woman climbed a very small mountain:

they climbed a very small mountain together:

a woman with deep roots:

and the heavens wept with me that day:

detangling her mind:

finding balance:

a piece of me:

is there something on my back?:

leaning against something unknown:

she became herself with tears:

A Woman Holding a Mystery:

pioneering a path:

this way this way okay:

two is too few:

 two women understanding the same mystery:

waiting waiting waiting:

I found a special place to stand:

 her arms grew tired as she held the world in its place:

trying to understand holiness:

choosing a new direction:

just a little further:

she stood with her burdens placed beneath her feet:

That one is my very favorite. There are so many more posted in her online gallery. I love that she also posts her drawings. I can't wait to see this one as a painting:

Or this one, that she posted on Instagram yesterday:

When I look at her art, I find myself feeling more graceful, more sensitive, more holy. 

So, with that in mind, that two hours last night was probably the perfect use of my time.

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Keicha Christiansen said...

Amazing art. Thanks for introducing it to me. I'm going to add her to my Instagram feed.