Ballard Girls Road Trip: Day 4 (Easter Sunday)

It was a little strange being out of town for Easter. But I thoroughly appreciated Heidi's Easter decorations (without the work of having to do any decorating myself!)

She has the best handwriting!

We drove over to Richard and Gloria's. They were already gone to work at the Visitors' Center, but we had a wonderful breakfast at their condo. When they came home, we went to church with them. 

After church, we went on a nice little walk over to the temple: 

Beautiful flowers:

The lighting was way too bright, but we did the best we could for some pictures:

I want to note something about Kaleigh's dress. I saw it on a mannequin at the Gap back when Lucy was four and thought it was the most darling dress in the whole world. I drove all the way to Salt Lake to get the right size and paid a small fortune for it. (Less than $30, but back then, that was a small fortune to spend on kids' clothes.) I still think it's cute, but Kaleigh does not. Every time she passed a girl in a pretty Easter dress at church, she would sigh and say, in her most defeated voice, "She looks like a princess."

This picture below didn't work out too well, but the girls were decent sports and let us try: 

Here's my favorite, even with the squinty eyes: 

And here's Max, sitting on top of a palm tree: 

He was indifferent about the whole situation. 

It was such a beautiful day. . . just a little on the warm side. I think we will stay away from Arizona during the summer months. 

We prepared Easter dinner at Richard and Gloria's: ham, funeral potatoes, asparagus, rolls, etc. Why can't I think what we had for dessert? I'm sure we had dessert. We hung out for a few hours and then drove back to the Garza's house. They had one of Travis's cousins over with her family, and they were in the middle of a crazy intense Minute to Win It competition: 

I'm hoping this Instagram video works so you can see how lively it was:

Those kids loved it. Good times. I wish I could have sat down and watched everything, but I was in and out of the house, going back and forth between the guest house and the car, getting everything packed up for our morning departure.


Kayli said...

I just want you to know that I had clicked on the picture to make it bigger just so I could inspect how adorable Kayleigh's dress was BEFORE I even read anything about how you got it. It IS super duper cute. I love it.

Natalie B. said...

Annie is the same way....I find all sorts of cute, simple, and in my opinion more stylish things for her. If it were up to her, she would wear a poofy princess dress every Sunday. (I don't appreciate those as much.) The tackier the better! Also, you need to give me tips on posting movies...I can never make it work!