Ballard Girls Road Trip: Day 6 (The Long Drive Home and Some Quotes)

Good news, I only took a few pictures on our drive home.

We stopped at Swig in St. George for shaved ice and cookies:

Sometimes Kaleigh is too slow to join in the group pictures, so then she gets her own: 

I had to take this picture of Leslie driving to show how close she sits to the steering wheel. Every time we switched back and forth, it felt like the automatic seat adjustor was moving in slow motion. 

Rachel took these pictures out the window while we were driving: 

There was a crazy dust/pollen/dirt storm and it left our Pilot looking like this: 

And that was our trip. Sorry for all of the pictures, but we didn't want Angela to feel like she missed out on anything. 

And here are some quotes. . . I will leave them anonymous to protect people from being embarrassed.

"Hey, that looks like Moses's brother."

"I need to wipe myself."

"This looks just like the spaghetti bowl in Salt Lake, except with palm trees."

"Being nervous makes your spit get all stringy."

"Kaleigh, don't ask anyone if they're boys or girls because they might be drag queens."

And that's a wrap. . . three more trips to go: South Africa, Hawaii, and St. Louis.

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