The Ogden Marathon . . . 2013

It's time for me to crank out some blog posts. . . and I think it's about time to go back and document last year's marathon. 

I invited all of my female Milligan cousins and cousin-in-laws to run the marathon. They came from Utah, Idaho, Colorado, and Arizona. We ended up with three relay teams.

A couple months before the race, I hurt my knee in a class at the gym. I had never dealt with a knee injury, and it made me a little nervous. After a few weeks, I went to a physical therapist, tried to change from a heel strike to a toe strike, decreased the length of my stride, and used a lot of ice. But it still hurt. I gave my leg of the relay up to one of the Pollard girls and planned to watch the race from the sidelines. By marathon time, I had worked up to running two miles. By then, I had also figured out that running didn't seem to be doing any further damage to my knee; it just caused a lot of pain. We had an extra bib for the relay, so I decided that I would run Rachel's leg of the relay with her. 

Marathon weekend is always so busy. Steve was at a technology meeting for the new school and couldn't man the Sonora Grill booth at the Marathon Expo, so he let us set up a stand to raise money for Shoes for South Africa: 

People were more interested in buying our Converse All-Stars than donating, but we collected enough money to pay for a few more pairs of shoes to take with us to South Africa. It was mostly fun to watch those three working together on our project.

Rachel and Lucy didn't mind when it was time to close up because that meant they got to walk around the expo themselves. Free t-shirts, free mustaches, free arm sleeves. . . my kids love free stuff:

Here we are at Sonora Grill, the night before the marathon:

 Natalie, Robin, and Jennifer:

Rebecca, Melissa, and Heidi:

Angela & Julie:

Jamie, Leslie, and baby Gwen:

Lauren & Cassie:

Sadie & Andrea:

Abigail, Rachel, and Lucy:

Rachel and Lucy love my Milligan cousins. They might be a little too comfortable around them:  

Three of the Adams girls were supposed to stay at the Summit Hotel (the former Marriott), but they ended up dealing with a bunch of problems at check-in. (They were given a room with a sleeper sofa instead of a bed??) We already had ten people staying at our house. . . what's three more?

We stayed up talking until 2:00 am. . . 

We had to wake up at 4:30 am. . . 

Right as we went to get on the buses that were parked down on Washington Boulevard, Rachel realized she had left her race bib at home. . . 

And it was crazy rainy. . . 

Good times. 

Relays are the best, except for the waiting. Especially when it's cold and rainy. We stayed on the bus as long as we could and then went outside and stood at the end of Leg 2/beginning of Leg 3. It's been so long that I can't remember who passed off to us, but we transferred the time chip to Rachel and started running. 

When you are running a marathon relay, most people don't know that you are part of a relay team and assume that you are running the full race. So running with Rachel attracts extra attention and lots of cheers. Good job! Way to go! You can do it! 

We stayed together until the first hill on the northwest side of Pineview Reservoir. And then Rachel just took off ahead of me. 

Within a few minutes, my cousin's husband, Nathanial, came up from behind me. He slowed to run with me for a bit (because he's nice like that) but I told him to run ahead and find Rachel. The cameras caught these great pictures of them: 

I loved them so much that I actually paid for a real download of this shot: 

This is me. . . can you tell how slow I am going?

Running in the rain is not my thing, but I felt okay after the third leg (which ended at The Oaks) and decided to keep going. (I get sucked into race-day adrenaline.) By the time I got to the end of the fourth leg, (which ended near the Ogden Eccles Dinosaur Park) my knee was killing me so I decided I better stop. I tried to call Steve, but he was standing at the finish line and said he couldn't hear me. My fingers were so cold that I had to wait for them to warm up before I could make them move enough to send a text message to Steve. I thought it would be cool to finish the second half of the marathon, but ten miles was all I had in me. (I knew I couldn't push myself too far. . . we were leaving for South Africa in four days!)

Here are the pictures that my sister, Rebecca, took at the finish line: 

Lucy, the clown: 

My cousin, Natalie, who couldn't run because she was recovering from the black lung: 

Steve, the best husband ever: 

He's standing in the rain, waiting for me and fourteen of my cousins to finish our races, and he's even smiling: 

Steve got some great video footage at the finish line. But he never downloaded it, and then we left that brand new video camera on the plane in Cape Town.

I love, love, love the emotion at the finish line of a marathon. (And I don't even know these people.)

(If anyone happens to recognize any of those runners, let me know and I will email them a high resolution version of their photo.)

Back to our die hard cheerleaders. . . still waiting:

Still cheering: 

And still smiling: 

By then, most of my cousins were finished with their legs of the race and had been shuttled to the finish line:

Most of them were still freezing cold: 

I love these pictures Rebecca took of me and Rachel:

Even though we look a little crazy from running in that rain:

Policemen on motorcycles cleared the course:

And then it was time for the Kids K:

By then, some of my cousins had already gone back to my house to change out of their soaking wet clothes and shower. But Rebecca took a picture of those who were still down at the race:

And their shoes: 

Rachel decided she needed to be carried to Steve's truck: 

But that didn't last long. . . I was done. I look like I'm about to fall over:

Heidi was done too: 

This was the after-race party that took place in my living room:

I can't remember all of the topics of conversation, but I do remember that there was a lot of laughing.

I was hobbling around/icing my knee/trying not to think of everything that had to be done in the next few days.

Just to put things into perspective, this is what our week was like:

Saturday, May 18: Ogden Marathon, Steve to catering for GOAL board
Sunday, May 19: Steve to church meetings, Steve speaks in church
Monday, May 20: Steve to catering for Weber State golf tournament (200 people), Steve to CVB board meeting, Steve to catering for marathon volunteers (500 people)
Tuesday,  May 21: Steve to Young Mens, Emily to Learning Circle
Wednesday, May 22: Leave for South Africa

And hmmmm. . . I think that's right where I'll pick up next. Time to get back to some South Africa posts.

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